Donald Tusk returns to Poland's politics

Photo: EPA Donald Tusk

Former European Council President Donald Tusk is set to make his way back to active Poland political life. Tusk is the main nomination for political leader of the opposition, Reuters elaborated. The Civic Platform hopes that Tusk will contribute for a major push in the party’s position. Tusk is one of the founders of the liberal movement known for its pro-European orientation.

Elections in Poland are scheduled for 2023 and are expected to determine if the governing Law and Justice (PiS) party will continue its tows with EU over issues including judicial reforms that the EU says undermine the independence of judges and LGBT rights.

Some PO members say Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, who narrowly lost the 2020 presidential election, would provide fresh impetus to a party that some analysts say has struggled to reach beyond its core urban, middle-class electorate. Nevertheless, many of the liberals put their hopes in Tusk's experience and international standing.

"The world has changed, Poland has changed, Poles have changed, Donald Tusk himself has changed," said lawmaker Arkadiusz Myrcha, who is a part of the Civic Coalition, adding that Tusk's stint in Brussels gave him an added sense of authority internationally.

Having lost power in 2015, Civic Platform is now stuck at all-time lows in the polls, slipping into third place behind the centrist Poland 2050 party of Catholic journalist Szymon Holownia.

The biggest opposition party is living through the biggest crisis in its history. Many voters who don't like PiS also don't want to vote for the Civic Platform and Tusk's return would make the difference. However a recent poll by Kantar for private broadcaster TVN showed that 60% of Poles believe Tusk should not return to Polish politics or take over as the leader of Civic Platform. Tusk's old enemy, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is also expected to be re-elected as leader of PiS.

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