Disinfection robots clean hospital rooms

They are killing viruses with ultraviolet light

Photo: EU The robot can disinfect a standard size patient room in just 10 minutes.

On Friday, two Slovenian hospitals received the first two robots, out of 200 that the Commission purchased. They will be used by hospitals in EU countries to disinfect patient rooms and helping reduce and contain the spread of coronavirus. 

Other 29 disinfection robots are deployed to hospitals in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

These robots can disinfect a standard size patient room in just 10 minutes by using ultraviolet light and disinfect over 18 rooms in one charge. They ensure a sterile environment in hospitals without exposing staff to unnecessary risk.

Since this is a physical process rather than one using a chemical disinfectant, it is safer for the hospital staff as they do not need to handle, transport or store toxic, hazardous or corrosive chemicals anymore. Cleaning staff operate the robot remotely via a mobile application and the operation is started from outside the room to be disinfected, so no healthcare worker is present during the process.

Supplied by the Danish company UVD Robots, which won an emergency procurement tender, the devices are part of the Commission's effort to provide useful and necessary equipment to Member States in aid of tackling the pandemic.


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