Digital art to enchant Sofia

Next week's DA Fest will present the fascinating creations by over 60 world renowned artists

Photo: DA Fest Miwa Matreyek - This World Made Itself, performance

The seventh edition of the International Digital Art Festival will take place in Sofia next week, from 22 until 26 October. Organised by the National Academy of Arts and the DA Lab foundation, DA FEST [7] will feature a wide range of exhibitions; audio-visual, theatre and VR performances; video art projections; lectures and presentations; workshops and concerts, revealing a plethora of explorations and art practices in the field of digital art.

This year's programme includes 60 world renowned artists from various countries and disciplines. Their festival participation will showcase different aspects of the broad variety offered by digital art - digital video and photography, interactive performance and installation, audio-visual performance, virtual reality, streaming, 3D mapping, network art, sound art, biotechnology, robotics and generative systems, as well as other interdisciplinary forms.

Among the highlights of the programme is the participation of world-renowned performance artist STELARC (Australia) - a pioneer in art that incorporates biotechnology, robotics and digital media. As part of his first visit to the country, he will introduce the Bulgarian audience to his works in a number of events.

For the first time in its history, the festival is also preparing a special segment of its programme geared towards kids. DA FEST for Kids features two performances for the young ones by Miwa Matreyek (US), whose shows conjure up a magical reality in which the artist is a silhouette and a shadow interacting with animations created by her. The list of events for kids also includes VR theatre presented by Small Theatre Company and a curator tour through the festival's exhibitions for kids, parents and pets.

The exhibits within DA FEST [7] will take place in five locations in the Bulgarian capital: Academy Gallery, Goethe Institut's art gallery, Credo Bonum Gallery, Serdica Gallery and the exhibition space of the Triangular Tower of Serdica with the Regional Museum of History - Sofia.

Exhibition participants include Ken Rinaldo (US), James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau (UK/France), Gerhard Funk (Austria), Anna Vasof (Czech Republic/Austria), Karla Tobar (Ecuador/France), Sara Bonaventura (Italy), Michaela Lakova (Bulgaria/Netherlands), Georgy Georgiev (Bulgaria/Germany), Kamen Stoyanov (Bulgaria/Austria), Pravdolyub Ivanov, Melformator (Petko Tanchev and Atanas Dinchev), Iliyana Kancheva, Mario Stoynov, Momchil Aleksiev, Hristo Kolev, Pepa Parisheva, Yana Vassileva, Gergana Lazarova-Runkel and Daniela Nikolchova, among others.

DA FEST [7] will also continue the forum's tradition of presenting a thrilling programme of audio-visual concerts and performances, which this year will feature names like The Science, SoundCamp, mimionix & Quantum space, Saturated Pixels, Zero One, Ivan Shopov and Boyana Zhelyazkova. The evening events will be held at the Mixtape 5 club, the Czech Centre and the DNK Contemporary Dance and Performance Space. The Blue Hall of the Czech Centre will host a special selection of 30 video-art and experimental audio-visual forms, which are to be projected there every afternoon during the festival.

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