Democracy for sale: You will know them by their boats

Those who plundered the country sprinkled the protesters with pennies in the hope to see some blood as well

Something is missing in the current situation. Where is the crying Dessi? Why is she not hugging police officers at the protest? Doesn't she have an urgent need for 30 levs? Isn't that what paid protesters get? Or does the ration for the protest at Rosenets include reimbursement for travel expenses?

To everyone who sold their conscience for thirty pieces of silver, as well as those airheads who mingled with the football hooligans, imagining that they were writing history... No, you are not writing any history. There will be nothing to tell your grandchildren because you will be ashamed. As the most naive people, you mixed with the paid lumpens. They know why they are there. You were not planned, and there will be no money for you. No matter how much you shout, no matter how much you imagine that you are participants in fateful events... you just found yourselves in a scripted scenario in which the term written down for people like you is 'dupes'. Several oligarchs threw a fishing rod from their yachts and you rushed to bite on a rubber float. It is insulting and regrettable that in your naivety you served those who plundered the state.
Now they sprinkled some measly pennies on a few dozen paid noisemakers, convened a get-together behind the scenes, and gathered people whose idea of having fun is to go to the stadiums looking for a fight. Or they mistreat people in the parks, just because they don't like them, or because they have darker skin or look like being gay. This is the contingent that is being paid to go to football games in order to spill blood there. And to go to protests. Again with the same purpose. During the day, these good-for-nothings are just hanging out. In the evenings they would go out and rob you in the dark. They would tear the necklace from around your neck, take an old woman's earrings, leaving wounds in her ears, lurk in the underpasses and the dark streets. Dark as the souls of those who pay them now. And at the end of your workweek, when you were tired and in need of a rest, you lined up with the agitators, because you had been duped and deceived. And they did exactly what was expected of them. They threw glass bottles at the police. They wriggled on the ground like third-rate footballers trying hard to earn a penalty kick. They shot videos with a lot of action in the voiceover but with blurred scenes in which what led up to them was missing.
You will know them by their protests. And by the boats too. Pinocchio reached Rosenets by an inflatable boat, because that's what they wrote for him in the script. You will agree that it would have been too conspicuous if he had gotten there on the yacht of some top journalist from Capital, with a secret services related past and a villa right next to his boss Prokopiev, which has been arranged in some illegal way. Unlawful as the deals through which the oligarch publisher accumulated his first million. You are not stupid people, think for yourselves. Look at who is encouraging the protesters to be brave and strong, while he himself is hiding in Dubai. How will you sleep if you owe the treasury BGN 700 million? Vasil Bozhkov doesn't care about you, he looks after his interests.
And Ognyan Donev doesn't care about you. He looks after his interests. The sicker the nation, the better for him. He is in the pharmaceutical business. The one that was gifted to him. And in winter, when you freeze in your unheated home, think of the gas baron Sasho Donchev. He is nothing like you, but you think of him. You are in this situation because all the oligarchs mentioned above were stealing even through their rear ends. As you wonder how to pay your bills and not have your children ashamed because you have to dress them in second-hand clothes, think of that slimy banker and his moustachioed lies. He doesn't care about you either.
All he wants is just one thing - to continue living as a king. That's what all thieving oligarchs do. Once they snatch the bone, no one can touch it. That is why they will wish you to be brave and strong while watching the young people leave Bulgaria, with only the discouraged ones remaining here. Those whose youth turned out to be a naive delusion. And who now imagine, self-deluded, that shouting in the city squares will turn back time. But it won't! Those who plundered the state do not want to turn anything back, and they will not allow it. Because it is not in their interests. Be strong and brave, but not in the service of those who robbed us of our future.

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