Delyan Peevski made donation worth BGN 121,288 to North Macedonia

Delyan Peevski

Following a wave of donations in Bulgaria now Skopje also received support in its fight against coronavirus. Lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski made a donation worth BGN 121,288 – protective garments and disposables – which were handed to the embassy of North Macedonia in Sofia. 

"We extend our gratitude to the citizens of Bulgaria and the companies, for their support and humanitarian aid that they sent to us. Packages worth € 60,000 arrived at our embassy in Bulgaria and will be sent to Macedonia on Wednesday ", said the country's ambassador to Sofia H.E. Vladimir Krastevski.

“The biggest donation came from MP and businessman Delyan Peevski and his company. Sopharma also donated a significant amount of medicines. Our friendly countries show solidarity in times of trial,” the ambassador said further. In North Macedonia the measures for containment the spread of Covid-19 are even more stringent than in Bulgaria.

“Curfew has been ordered for the second weekend already. For Easter the citizens stayed at home, they strictly observe all measures, show discipline and as a result the situation is under control,” Valdimir Krastevki said.    

„Fifty people died, but our health system copes with the situation well thanks to the imposed measures. We manage to tackle the problem with the pandemic successfully,” he added.

Almost a month after the start of the National campaign launched by the Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) “For Heroes in White”, which football star Dimitar Berbatov supported, at 11am on 21 April to the campaign’s account were transferred donations amounting to over BGN 184,000, announced the BMA. At the headquarters of the BMA continue to arrive material donations: masks, goggles, protective clothing, disposables, etc.

The Krina brand also made a donation to the campaign, it provided 3,000 kg of essential foodstuffs. They will be distributed among the medical professionals who fight the coronavirus on the frontline. The company will also donate BGN 10,000 to the Sofiamed hospital. The sum will be allocated for the purchase of PRC testing kits for Covid-19.     

MP Delyan Peevski has made yet another donation – a breathing ventilator of the highest class – to the community hospital in Dulovo, Silistra region. The medics also received 30 protective garments, helmets and goggles, as well as 150 face masks.

The protective gear was handed to the medics by mayor of Belitsa municipality who is a coordinator of donations for fighting coronavirus made by Delyan Peevski along with Vice President of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Ahmed Ahmedov, deputy floor leader of MRF Halil Letifov and MEP of the MRF Ilhan Kyuchuk. Director of the hospital Dr. Konstantin Popov thanked Delyan Peevski for his help on behalf of all citizens of the municipality.

We follow the appeal of Mr Peevski who already at the start of the coronavirus crisis told me: “We must help each other, be close to the people and take adequate actions, there should be no division on any principle, because we are one people. And this why we are here today,” said Mayor of Belitsa Radoslav Revanski on his part. In his words, this is exactly the reason why the donations made by MRF go the hospitals and people in need across Bulgaria.

In the case of Dulovo, which is among the towns not affected by Covid-19, the donations will enable the medics to protect themselves against the contagion so that they can help the people being safe themselves. “The message is that it is better to protect yourself against the disease than be treated for it. This maxim is more than true in the battle against Covid-19,” said members of the team who brought the donation.

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