Delyan Peevski is inconvenient for #WHO?

Ivan Kostov

Who turned the country into a sieve?

Who is stealing directly from our pockets through electricity and natural gas bills that have been artificially pumped up for decades?

Who turned our hospitals into hostages of a pharmaceutical giant, sending the healthcare system into decay?

Who was able to seize the Bulgarian industry and at the same time pocket the BGN 134bn difference between the value of privatised enterprises and what was actually paid to the state for them? Money that could have made the “Switzerland on the Balkans” mantra, so often repeated during the country’s transition to democracy, a reality. If only that transition period to democracy had not turned out to be nothing but a façade for its antithesis.

Who decided that they can break laws, steal, order murders, and defame Bulgaria and all of us, the citizens of this country, in front of the international community so they can freely spend what they stole from all of us? Without repercussions.

Who made a mockery of our aspirations for democracy? An ideal that inspired thousands to take to the streets in the early 1990s only for us, as a society, to wind up 30 years later in the role of actors in a bad film, in which our life is held hostage by a dictatorship of the few. A minority of people that arrogantly and aggressively proclaim themselves to speak for the entire nation, whilst violating both the rights of the citizens and the will they expressed through voting. A sham people’s court that issues sentences left and right, this clique calls for “dismantling” the democratically elected legitimate institutions and figures. The end goal is for that minority to keep syphoning off public resources and using the state coffers as a cash cow.


How often have you asked yourself that question as you desperately seek a way to make the family budget work?

As you wonder why an educational system in shambles, which jumps from one reform to the next, makes parrots out of our kids so they can be more easily susceptible to the manipulations and lies inundating the entire public space.

As you turn to the country’s shell of a healthcare system for help and puzzle over why you have to pay out of pocket for consultations when you have insurance coverage. Furthermore, doctors rely on donors to provide them with what they need to save patients’ lives.

There are a tonne of questions, but the answer is one: it is the same #WHO. This is the collective entity designating about a dozen chosen ones of the communist nomenclature (now transformed into the country’s pseudo-right) who became multimillionaires overnight thanks to gifts they got from former PM Ivan Kostov, supposedly a right-winger but really the successor of the leftist Andrey Lukanov, during the criminally conducted privatisation period.

These are oligarchs who used the stolen money to build a parallel state of moles planted in institutions across the board – from the NGOs shouting in favour of their bosses on behalf of the entire nation without having been invested with the power to do so to media outlets paid with the stolen money to lie to that same nation.

These are oligarchs created by Ivan Kostov, who is in turn a figurehead for shadowy figures whose goal is one – for Bulgaria to stay in the Russian orbit instead of where its citizens chose for the country to be, i.e. in the democratic world that espouses EU and NATO values.

You all know the names of these chosen ones. It hardly needs reminding how at a very tender age Ivo Prokopiev acquired a kaolin monopolist and became a king of the hydroelectric power plants. How Vasil Bozhkov became a billionaire through a gambling business that failed to pay taxes for decades. How Ognyan Donev rose to a pharmaceutical king, while Sasho Donchev became a natural gas baron and Tsvetan Vassilev – a pharaoh of a banking pyramid scheme.

The list of people is not exactly short. And that of their shady deals is long enough to fill an entire section in the National Library. For a long time, they were able to avoid retribution for these crimes thanks to various diversion tactics. But now that push has finally come to shove and a real review of the original sin of their creation, i.e. the privatisation period, is on the horizon, #WHO has put yet another plan into motion. One of instigating a riot. The oligarchic clique is desperately trying to transfer blame for its own crimes onto the people who are preventing it from avoiding justice.

You have all heard the names of the #WHO targets. You can find copious amounts of mentions of them in the media outlets controlled by the behind-the-scenes clique. The unrelenting deluge of disinformation has been going on for years. For this entire time, lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski has been at the top of the oligarchs’ list of targets. Have you ever stopped to think about why a legislator, from an opposition party no less, who was not involved in the privatisation period, has a total of six newspapers (out of over 200 print publications in the country), no TV channels, radios stations or businesses that use public resources, including EU funds (unlike the aforementioned charged and indicted oligarchs created by Kostov), is being singled out as the culprit of everything evil in this country? Strange, right? The answer can be found in the question itself. Albeit an opposition MP, Peevski has been persistent and relentless in foiling the shady deals of said group of oligarchs, which has treated access to public resources as its birthright, ever since he became a lawmaker, with a series of legislative initiatives to show for it. Those bills blocked the secondary plundering of CorpBank and shed light on the financing mechanisms of the propaganda machine created by #WHO. The publications in his media group, albeit small in number compared to the hordes of minions serving the propaganda machine, have been exposing the illegal schemes of #WHO, not allowing society to forget their crimes. And they will continue the good work. Until truth prevails, #WHO pays for its crimes and the nation and the state are free of its grip.

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