Delyan Peevski involved even in Toys’ Game

The leader of "Yes, Bulgaria" party Hristo Ivanov never appears alone. Next to him always stays his bodyguard Ivaylo Mirchev like a big shadow. In this appearance, the two gentlemen resemble the classic couple in a well-known animated comedy, where the first character is a small, harmful and cunning old fox, and the other one is a stupid, but big and strong gorilla.

The scenario is clear - the fox always invents some "genius" crimes, which the gorilla willingly accepts. The result is always a series of ridiculous offspring, which make the audience die with laughter.

So these two characters - Hristo Ivanov and his party gorilla Ivaylo Mirchev, have recently been completely filmed. As their political father figure Ivo Prokopiev took them in hand to go to protests intensively, because the mass of people was thinning away, Itzo and Ivcho obviously can no longer watch the Ninja Turtles and the sad results are there.

Why Ivo Mirchev appeared in a big toy store on Friday and as a naughty kid jabbered a whole bunch of nonsense, he heard from the elder people (in this specific case - from the oligarchs) – this is a question that can only be answered by psychologists or even better – by psychiatrists. It is even more disturbing that this grown up stalwart planted himself in front of the stand with girls' toys, but we promised to leave this question to the psychoanalysts.

What Mirchev said is more important. Or rather: what they told him to say. Pinocchio's gorilla recited as a pupil-girl at a poetic recital a whole galaxy of poisonous lies, dropped in his ear, do you remember? - by the poisonous trio of oligarchs - Ivo Prokopiev, Vasil Bozhkov and Tsvetan Vassilev. In short, this giant in reflecting merrily blurted out the nonsense that the publisher and MP Delyan  Peevski wanted to buy the Hippoland Chain of toy stores - for everybody to laugh at!

All sorts of fooleries were attributed to Delyan Peevski in Prokopiev’s mainstream media machine for fake news items! However, this infantile lie that the lawmaker was keen on shops for toys-trucks, Barbie dolls and teddy bears caught us unawares. But it is about to become our favourite lie. Until it is replaced by some further absurdity. For example, that Peevski is also to blame for the fires in the Amazon forest or for the sharp decline in bonito catches...

Amid all the lies about the toys, the only grain of truth is that special services are checking the owner of this chain for illegal import and other misappropriation. As we all know, a huge percentage of toys come from China, and Chinese cargo is a big barrel of honey for all sorts of frauds. But according to the old tradition, in their attempt to divert attention from the truth and the facts, some infantile political intriguers immediately saw in this check a chance to involve again the "bad" Peevski.

Apparently, the screenwriters of this silly animation film realised the absurdity of putting Delyan Peevski next to the boxes of toys (by the way, wasn't Pinocchio a wooden toy?). So they urgently took out the recycled gum for Bulgartabac. Which step further deepened the absurdity. Another issue is that Mirchev, it seems, is not squeamish as he chewed the same surrogate material after his boss Hristo Ivanov, but this is a separate topic.

So if the comrade Mirchev had played with trucks in the right time, he would not appear like a big teddy bear from a target shooting for children and drone nonsense about battery-powered carts and talking plastic princesses. We knew that Hristo Ivanov had something like political schizophrenia. He himself brought the coronavirus to justice system and was a minister in pm Boyko Borissov’ cabinet, and now he is the first fighter for justice reforms and an oppositionist as well!

However, we did not know that the political schizophrenia was contagious, because Ivaylo Mirchev had obviously caught it as well. This is the case when elder men play with girls' toys. These people are ready to steal a biscuit from a child's hand, in order to weave their dirty intrigues. Otherwise, Mirchev fulfilled his order and deserves a gift now. Buy him a toy boat or truck to be a real boy.

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