Delyan Peevski donates BGN 217, 994 worth of protective suits

MRF lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski is continuing to support the fight against the novel coronavirus. In his latest action, he donated 2,652 protective suits worth a total of BGN 217, 994, which are to be used by the medical workers on the front lines of COVID-19.

The MP, who is among the biggest donors to the efforts to combat the virus, also provided 450 PCR test kits to the hospital in Vidin. He also made a donation to Plovdiv hospitals, which includes protective suits with the highest level of protection for the frontline medical workers engaged in the battle against COVID-19. Fifty of the garments were delivered to the St. George University Hospital and another 115 were received by the Regional Crisis Staff, which will have the task of distributing them to the rest of the Plovdiv hospitals that admit patients with COVID-19 symptoms. The donation was made by a company owned by Delyan Peevski, announced the executive director of the university hospital, Prof. Karen Dzhambazov and Dani Kanazireva, the regional governor and head of the Staff. The protective suits are water-resistant and made of PTFE membrane which resembles the human skin in terms of properties. They are light, do not cause allergic reactions, and prevent overheating of the skin. “We would like to express our gratitude to all donors – companies and individuals helping the medical workers who treat and assist COVID-19 patients to receive the necessary personal protective equipment. The Regional Crisis Staff distributes all donations it gets according to the needs of the healthcare facilities in Plovdiv and the region,” said Prof. Dzhambazov and Governor Kanazireva in a joint statement.

Peevski also made yet another donation to the hospital in Sliven. It consisted of 300 masks, 50 protective suits, 50 goggles and 50 face shields. “It is more than honorable from Mr Peevski to make this gesture, which shows care for the medical workers on the front lines and the citizens. As you know, he has been donating to other hospitals in the country. I am confident that there will be more donations to our hospital, hopefully no longer dictated by a pandemic. I am certain that the good that is being done is recognised and appreciated by our fellow Bulgarians,” Yanko Yankov, deputy chairman of the MRF, commented before the donation was officially presented. He believes that prevention is the preferable option to treatment when it comes to COVID-19 and that Bulgarians need to help each other, be responsible and do not allow any divisions as a people.

Here are the rest of the donors:

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer donated BGN 100,000 to the Pirogov and Alexandrovska hospitals. Businesses, citizens and embassies have donated over BGN 4m so far to the Ministry of Health, BGN 1m of which has already been earmarked to cover the needs of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. The DMS Solidarnost fundraising campaign has raised nearly BGN 374,000 through text messages. Praktiker donated to the Municipality of Pleven 1,000 certified face masks, 1,000 pairs of latex gloves and 200 face shields with visors that can be lifted. Nurses in the Infectious Disease Unit of the hospital in Burgas will be put up in public housing so they can isolate from their families. The hospital in Dobrich received a BGN 50,000 donation from the town’s municipality to help with combating the new coronavirus. Veselin Velev, president of Volleyball Club Dobrudzha 07 (Dobrich) donated BGN 10,000 to the Dobrich Municipality. The funds will go towards fighting COVID-19. BGN 65,000 is the sum that has been raised by the hospital in Haskovo, according to its head Dr Georgi Gelov. The money will be used to buy equipment needed to treat COVID-19 patients. The coronavirus relief account of Asenovgrad has raised over BGN 338,000.   

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