Delyan Peevski donated 2 breathing ventilators and BGN 63,000 to hospital in Vidin

Delyan Peevski

The hospital in the city of Vidin has received 2 breathing ventilators as a donation from Delyan Peevski. The lawmaker also sent in 450 testing kits for the hospital as well as BGN 63,000 as financial aid.

Of this sum, BGN 10,000 will be allotted for the purchase of monitors and infusion pumps, BGN 22,000 are meant for the medical professional who are fighting with the contagion on the frontline and BGN 31,000 are for the infected medics.

Only a day ago it transpired that there are 30 medical professionals infected with Covid-19 in the Danube city which accounts for 10% of its medical personnel. This is the reason why currently volunteers are recruited from all medical facilities across Bulgaria who will be sent to the Vidin hospital to help in the treatment of patients.

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