Delyan Peevski and the first seven years of Capital circle

Delyan Peevski

“The next seven years” – this is the title of an attempted analysis published in the latest issue of the weekly sustained by oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. Already from the first passage it becomes clear that the talking points this time have hit the rock bottom. What is the most important choice of the Bulgarian citizens?

You will for sure drop out from the Capital circle if you limit your choice by the family, friends, education, profession, opt for staying here, in Bulgaria or leaving for some other country. To save you fruitless efforts we can tell you what Capital thinks on the issue. According to the journalists’ team, the most important choice in this country is the election of the new Prosecutor General. In their opinion, this choice is not done by the Bulgarian citizens but by some Supreme Judicial Council (SJC). Part of the SJC members are appointed by the Parliament, i.e. by the directly elected people’s representatives. However, the Capital’s team is not aware what it means or pretend they don’t understand it. The Capital’s busy bees promote a demo version: the Prosecutor General is a figure which none of the state institutions controls. We would very much like to enter into an indirect debate with them to find out which institution controls (and how) their favorite head of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov who doesn’t even bother to abide by the laws, but this would be tantamount to talking to the wind.  That is why we just go on having fun with the text offered for analysis. We wonder how many journalist sweated to make the talking points sent down by their publisher readable. And there are several such talking points: to outline the dramatic picture of a fatal choice with no alternative, to pin the candidature of Ivan Geshev on Prokopiev’s sworn enemy, MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. And the situation is so presented that oligarch Ivo Prokopiev is described as a winged angel floating over the obscurant dictatorship of the minority.

“Ivan Geshev with ease builds up conspiratorial constructions, his statements run deep into the political field where, according to Constitution, prosecution has nothing to do,” Capital claims. This text will sound more up-to-date if two or three minor corrections are made in it. Instead of Ivan Geshev the authors should quote Lozan Panov and “prosecution” should be changed with SJC.

As regards “the seven years”, we will now see what the years to come are, but the first seven years of the Capital circle were the key period for the ascent of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. These years hide dirty secrets about the privatisation gifts from his mentor Ivan Kostov and about the media turned into the battering ram which hits groups and individuals on orders from above. Within this disgraceful and criminal period of Capital’s existence there was no Peevski, neither was he implicated in the shameful dealings of this same circle. Only oligarch Prokopiev is present there, inspired and guided by his creator. Alongside are his immediate bosses, the so-called “lambs’ heads”. The Capital circle will never be able to distance themselves from this period because without it their present will be null and void. This is the reason why today the entire entourage of Prokopiev, as well as he himself, pretend that this period of time has never been. To them these first seven years are a secret deeply buried. What troubles them are only “the next seven years.” They do worry them. Because Kostov gave them a chance to work like millionaires. But he promised that no one will ever touch them. They will appoint ministers, get rid of ministers and hit with their media club every ambitious person in this country who doesn’t take part in their shady affairs. However, Kostov’s pledge proved to be a lie. Despite their efforts to lay hands on the free press and make it their private platform, the journalists and media outlets of Prokopiev are only part of the oligarch-publisher’s business.  And every issue of Capital, this flagship of the behind-the-scenes clique, only demonstrates how deplorable these liars and manipulators are. 

Otherwise it is clear that the Capital circle stands firm behind the political projects of their publisher Prokopiev. The very mentioning in the so-called “analysis” of Democratic Bulgaria, a coalition of Yes, Bulgaria, Democrats for Strong Bulgaria and the Green party, is brand positioning. In contrast with them we remember every detail of ARGO conspiracy will keep on reminding them about it as well as about the shady deals of oligarch Prokopiev. Because no matter how interminable is the impudence of the Capital circle’s ringleader, the truth is stronger than fakes which Prokopiev’s machine churns out. And the truth is that the entire circle is sweating out at their talking points claiming that the prosecution won’t work in the hope that the coming seven years will not become the time for long-awaited retribution for the crimes of the oligarchy in Bulgaria.

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