Delyan Peevski and Radio Free Europe lies

Once upon a time there was a radio called Free Europe. In the obscurantist times of an even more obscurantist regime the waves of Free Europe brought a fresh waft of hope for the Bulgarians. Hope for democracy, freedom and truth which the people in these latitudes were so badly missing out on.

Once upon a time there was a radio and there still is. It is financed with the money of the US Congress and has the same task – to proclaim democratic values across the world. However, the American taxpayers don’t have the slightest idea about the fact that their money is used for catering for the interests of the Bulgarian oligarchy, the proximate successor of the State Security and KGB agents.

Instead of fighting for freedom and truth the Bulgarian desk of this otherwise authoritative radio is doing exactly this – helps a bunch of self-important oligarchs whose only dream is to see all authorities to bend the knee to them. The radio helps to whitewash their reputation and points a finger of blame at the independent media which prevent these persons from playing their patience card game. And manipulate the public opinion.

Free Europe – Bulgaria is just another media outlet seized by the media of the Capital circle through the use of the good old mainstream trick. You remember it, don’t you? In the shorthand records of the ARGO-gate the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev said it himself: there is no need in paying for an entire media, it would be enough to install in it compliant figureheads ready to listen to his orders and execute them in full obedience. And the orders are simple – “Up and at ‘em, boys!” as “them” are lawmaker of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

Because the oligarchs hate to death the independent people, especially when they are publishers of independent media which bring to light the shady affairs of these same oligarchs on a regular basis. You know them name by name: Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev, Sasho Donchev and their godfather Ivan Kostov. You know them all because you were on the receiving end of their affairs which let them amass their blood-stained millions made of electricity, natural gas, medicines and your own money deposited in CorpBank.

We, the journalists of Telegraph Media, have exposed these criminal schemes dozens of times quoting facts and evidence. We have filled with writing thousands of pages having one and sole goal which all journalists set to themselves – to demand punishment of offenders for the benefit of the society. This is the reason why for over 10 years now Peevski has been the No.1 target of those same oligarchs. They would defame, discredit and slur him. They have always hated him and still do. They also hate us, as all those who contend for truth are a thorn in their side.

That is why if you visit the site of Radio Free Europe today you will see that Peevski is the protagonist in most of their materials. Because the oligarchs order the music and the Bulgarian desk of Free Europe plays the record with lies. Without a semblance of shame or sense of morality. Without having any qualms about the fact that even when the world is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic planted articles targeting Peevski remain their top priority.

For this reason in the publications of Free Europe you may come across nonsensical articles copied from Capital about a health centre in the village of Vladaya and a story about Georgi Dimitrov and Monte Carlo or the delirious ravings about Peevski of condoms salesman Nikolay Staykov. A man who once got used to selling condoms would not have scruples about selling himself too. The job is simple but apparently well paid.

However, Free Europe – Bulgaria won’t offer you an analysis of the criminally-obtained property of Prokopiev and other oligarchs. Neither will you see a commentary on the antihuman demand of the entire Capital circle to safeguard their business against crisis even at the expense of human lives.

The scheme is very simple and works like a well-oiled machine. The Capital circle sends down its talking points. Thereafter some of its former staffers seconded to Free Europe comes out with something like an analysis in which all of the talking points are pooled together. Thus the behind-the-scenes actors hiding behind the reputation of Radio Free Europe have made a spare battering ram of the respected media…  

It is clear now that there was nothing accidental in the fact that the “fairy godfather” of the relaunched site of Radio Free Europe in Bulgaria was no one else but Sasho Donchev, a natural gas tycoon with good connections in the judicial system. Just a reminder, this is the man who reaches deep into your pocket every month making you pay padded heating bills but throughout the transition period till now he has remained  “untouchable” and evaded justice due to his close ties with the top echelons of power and the judiciary.

And how could it be otherwise if the shadows of Ivan Kostov and the Russian bear are looming behind his back. Among them is the shadow of Rem Viakhirev, the irremovable natural gas oligarch whose interests (as well as his own and the Kremlin’s) Donchev served betraying all of us, both the state and primarily the citizens. It is obvious that Sasho Donchev won’t have mercy on you and will continue sponging on you as he has been doing for decades sucking millions out of public funds.

It is also clear why this site bears such striking similarity to the joint platform of the illegal organisation Protest Network and the grant-dependent parasites. It is apparent why those of the Capital circle read with so much pleasure the articles in which the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev is described as an angel on the earth. In fact, though, he is splashed with mud from head to foot, having in mind all of his criminal affairs, such as privatization of Kaolin and Damianitsa and years-long robbery and plundering of people who have to pay high electricity bills. Hardly anyone forgave and forgot about the ruined lives of hundreds of citizens who were virtually poisoned to death in the town of Merichleri.      

Now, the staffers of the Bulgarian desk of Radio Free Europe should put their hands on their hearts and admit that they have become mean manipulators. And cheaters as well. Each of their analyses looks like something plagiarised from other publications. Some “right” publications of the “good” oligarchs.

Once upon a time there was Radio Free Europe in Bulgaria. Today only ashes and nostalgia for the past are left from its once free spirit. The reputable media bent to submission and put under command of the oligarchs is a shame. And the US taxpayers should not pay for it.

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