Delyan Peevski and mothballed outfits of the State Security agents

We’ve got news: agent Academician suddenly grew hungry

Delyan Peevski

Exclusively in Frog, hot news, shock and horror… and other yellow press clichés. The news broken by the croaking website of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev is only one and it is related to the brand new identity of Ognyan Stefanov, ex-journalist who is cloning nonstop in a schizophrenic manner.

Having retired like a venerable old man he became the self-appointed founder of a site which plays the role of a press center of the Bulgarian Madoff, which made Stefanov volens nolens return to his old occupation again. However, he has apparently forgotten the basic principles of fair journalism and, confusing his identities, turned back to his old typecast as agent of the State Security. So the once agent Academician began acting in parallel as Dr. Dimitar Popkutev, Boris Petkov and, as of this Tuesday, also as Metin.

“Exclusively in Frog” is a masterpiece in the stoolpigeon series which, as of Tuesday, was released as a classic fake news ending with a question mark. The question mark, however, is quite appropriate in this case. Do we have to think that agent Academician all of a sudden grew hungry for a new serving of Serbian barbequed meat? Or maybe his sponsor finally realised that his private PR manager lets him down right along owing to his deluded thoughts of a drunkard which he slops over the keyboard?

If agent Academician broke his piggybank and saw that the fees paid to him with the money stolen from CorpBank are about to peter out, woe betide the odd twenty readers of his site who no longer understand who is who. Because Ognyan Stefanov is not himself when hungry. Today he is Metin who appoints and fires, handpicks staff members, voices insinuations and fantasises. And what will happen tomorrow? Shock and horror, Exclusively in Frog, extraordinary news… Agent Academician need specialists’ help. One of our colleagues broke the news and paraphrased the content of the agent’s report creatively:

“This news spread like fire among the State Security agents. Rumour ran that a secret directive has been sent down from the very top to put out feelers among the journalists who bring media service to the Bulgarian Madoff to find out if the situation is ripe for a possible replacement of agent Academician who failed to entrench himself and prove his ability to be a private PR agent of the fugitive banker. For the sake of honesty this is the objective truth. The fact is that in the last two years the staunch fans of the Bulgarian Madoff kept commenting that Lyubica Kulezich had much more prestige than the Agent. And quite logically, this is apparent in all of the orchestrated interviews when she devours her interlocutor with misty eyes. And, what is most important, agent Academician started to focus on the routine biblical or anime selection which in other sites was the privilege of deputy-editors. And all this was a sign signaling that in the Belgrade headquarters there is a void, which, if not filled soon, may spill over to other regions and communities like an infectious disease. And the omnipresent Bulgarian Madoff realised that he must either put on his boots or install on the PR agent’s post some blinged-up journalist who would be beyond criticism and exempt from sneer on the part of the activists and fan club members…”

If we continue listening to the croaky swansong of agent Academician, which is nonsense per se, we face the risk to be clad in some of the costumes taken out of mothballs from the chest of the State Security. These costumes are “one-size-fits-all”. They fit both the corpulent Ognyan Stefanov and feel like second skin on agent Ilian Vassilev, also known in the State Security by his cover names Sasho or Dragan. These two exchange both their clothes and roles. Only to defame Peevski following the orders of their benefactor from Belgrade.

The shocking news for agent Academician-Metin-Ognyan-Boris-Stefanov-Petkov-Dimitrov-Popkutev and for his more modest brother-in-arms with two cover personae Sasho and Dragan is that the State Security is history. Same as the reputation of the former ambassador. The rest is just a formality!

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