Delyan Peevski and mirror world of Ivo Prokopiev

Ivo Prokopiev

Do you know how many registered companies are there in Bulgaria? Over 400,000. But you should know - all of them are owned by Delyan Peevski or they were owned by him before. That is what Ivo Prokopiev wants you to believe. It is the same indicted oligarch who suggests you the above, nevertheless of the fact that the human life costs less than kaolin mining according to him and moreover, the theft can be a way of life.

Theft of money, theft of destinies, theft of democracy, theft of the truth. Welcome to the world of the Capital circle. GMO of political engineering, created with privatisation process’ plundered money and existing with our own money. That money which were stolen from the pockets of all of us, so that Ivo Prokopiev, his mentor – the former PM Ivan Kostov and their peers can continue with the thefts. Either through our electricity bills or the inflated price of the natural gas, or through electric cars at a price of a space rocket, yet through the medicines, which we buy because of our plundered health.

For years, the same mercantile and brazen group has been trying to lead society by the nose, accusing others of their own crimes. As the group lacks elementary imagination, they follow a well-known propaganda matrix from the times of Goebbels and the USSR, in order to build the image of the Enemy. That enemy who eats children for breakfast, their parents for lunch and their grandmothers for dinner. Don't you believe it? Well, just look at the digital archive of the Capital circle editions. It is digital one because the readers have long understood that it is not worth giving their money for Ivo Prokopiev to push them his lies and they simply stopped buying his paper media outlets as well as the ones of his fellow oligarchs, disguised like publishers. For this reason, the Kaolin’ boss built a whole manipulations’ machine for pushing the lies on the social networks.

Back to the archive now. The simplest check-up reveals that in just a week Capital outlet alone has spewed a dozen of articles, stating that Enemy is absolutely everywhere - from oil industry and asphalt field, to the construction of Vitosha Mountain, National Service for Protection’s scandal, the affair with the presidential counselor, possible outflow of investments from the country etc. Are you dizzy? It is completely normal. This is exactly what happens in Ivo Prokopiev's schizophrenic mirror world. Who is the Enemy then? It is very clear - the one who has been found guilty for years by the same criminal group for everything which is going on in our country and who is connected again with everything in our country–the MP (from the opposition) and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. Since none of these allegations can be proved by evidence of the hired pens who write at the dictation of Prokopiev & Co oligarchic talking points, simply because they are not true, they impute companies to him. Since Delyan Peevski has never had anything to do with those companies, which becomes apparent after a simple check in the Commercial Register, then the favorite mantra of the manipulation machine comes into play. The authors write "related to Peevski". How these companies are “related” is not clear. Moreover, that is not the idea. The crucial thing is for people to read that Delyan Peevski is everywhere and to start believing so. This are Goebbels' propaganda principals and Prokopiev is doing the same.

In an article of 23 June which was grounded on the same principles, the lawmaker was imputed a construction company that has nothing to do with him. The company in question applied for road turnoff construction near the town of Burgas. The day before – another company with construction project at the Vitosha Mountain. The previous day – an oil company, which also has nothing to do with him. Acting in haste in a fourth article, the authors only tagged his name in order for Google to index the information and spread it quickly, but failing to write in the text what villainous role exactly Prokopiev told them to assign to the lawmaker this time. However, it happens. It is guaranteed, though that they will concoct another sin for MP Delyan Peevski and thus will correct the mistake. The manipulation machine online acts this way. It corrects and replaces without leaving any trace. At present - its own articles. Tomorrow may be the whole our history. This is exactly the purpose of that mirror world, where Prokopiev tries to get us - to manipulate the public opinion in order to pretend that he himself and his fellow are good-hearted people. It will be enough if you look at the town of Merichleri, ​​in order to see the truth – this wiped out resort town due to illegal kaolin poisonous mining in this area, which is covered by Kaolin boss with obituaries of its residents. Your own electricity bills as well.

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