Delyan Peevski and Bulgarian society under attack from State Security and Kostov’s oligarchs

The public consciousness is being bombarded with fake news, the production of which is funded with money stolen from regular citizens

Thirty years – that is how long the oligarchs in Bulgaria have been doing what they do best and what has helped them suck the state dry – divide society and engineer crises. All in the name of accumulating more and more wealth on the back of the people. Today, Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev, Sasho Donchev, Tsvetan Vassilev, the cream of the Bulgarian oligarchs, are in the role of vultures wanting to feast on carrion.

In fact, they are the rotting flesh infecting and undermining the very fabric of society.

Created by the former communist agency State Security, for years they have been shamelessly stealing, driving factories into the ground and destroying people’s lives. They have syphoned off banks, poisoned entire towns with their toxic businesses, poisoned the public consciousness with lies, and publicly defamed other individuals in order to make themselves out to be heroes. They have used their media outlets as smearing campaign and racketeering weapons. They tried to insert their own people in every branch of government and area of life so as to establish control over those. To retain whatever control was gained, they have been contaminating journalism with lies, libels and fake news, paid for with our money, because the oligarchs made their dozens and hundreds of millions by defrauding us. They stole from our pockets and the state coffers.

Thirty years since the start of Bulgaria’s transition to democracy, the venomous heritage of State Security may be rejected by history and the citizens but still manages to morph, as virulent and dangerous as the new coronavirus. State Security’s most monstrous product is the oligarchy, which has been suffocating Bulgarians since the outset of the transition period.

Overnight, the loyal drivers, waiters, hunting lodge keepers and dinner buddies of the communist high-flyers became millionaires and in some cases even billionaires. They turned rich by putting their hands on entire key sectors of the economy – tourism, pharmaceuticals, banking and the energy industry. The result was the ravaged economy of a moderately developed European country, which in turn led to severe and long-term social consequences.

The founding father of the oligarchy in Bulgaria is former PM Ivan Kostov. The failed candidate for Bulgarian Communist Party membership, of whom a renowned professor once said he had a “pretty weak economic expertise”, created and coddled the oligarchs during his term in office. Just take a look at the biographies of Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev. Their ties to the so-called Commander are clear, conspicuous and well-documented. Alas, this symbiosis between politicians and former agents, which hatched the nouveau riche of the murky transition to democracy, keeps poisoning and killing Bulgaria with its contagion to this day. Some of those who made their money at the expense of regular Bulgarians – like Tsvetan Vassilev and Ivo Prokopiev – have been brought to court for some of their crimes. And they are doing everything in their power to escape the day of reckoning. They are holed up in their luxury hiding places and command, form a distance, an army viruses doing damage to society. These are puppet journalists like Ognyan Stefanov, analysts armed with talking points, self-proclaimed sociologists, fraudulent civil society organisations and professional protesters. The contagion that these viruses are spreading manifests as fake news, libels, fabrications and all sorts of other actions serving shadowy interests. These symptoms can be found everywhere – from journalism to the judicial system and the economy.

The oligarchs have been doing this for decades – even now, when the country is in a crisis with human lives at stake. In these unprecedented times, they and their pawns once again showed their true, ugly colours. Kostov’s cohort of oligarchs activated former State Security agents and informers to prey on the situation created by the pandemic, on people’s fears, even on the memory of the victims. Why? Because they have always exploited division and know very well that in an environment of solidarity and stability, something the Bulgarian institutions were able to achieve in the face of the crisis, they will be spurned and society will finally shake off the spell of the deluge of fake news items being churned out in KGB fashion. Slowly losing ground, the oligarchs activated their most toxic weapons – the dredges of society that are the former agents for State Security – to sow unrest. Following the orders of their shadowy bosses, these people have wholeheartedly thrown themselves into the effort to divide a country that has been brought together by the most important challenge of the day – physical survival so that Bulgaria is not wiped out of the face of the earth.

We do not really need to point out the names of former State Security operatives like Ognyan Stefanov, aka Agent Academician; Osman Oktay; Kolyo Paramov; Iliyan Vassilev and Vera Ahundova – mouthpieces singing the fake tunes composed by the oligarchs. The chorus is made complete by Evgeniy Daynov, Andrey Raychev and a bunch of other pseudo-sociologists, who gained popularity ostensibly as democratic figures but who have deep communist connections in their past. These people have been polluting the public discourse in the country for years with one goal in mind – to muddy the waters and keep pulling wool over the eyes of the Bulgarian people and thus protect the interests of their mentors. They are paid to act against our best interests with money stolen from us. They proclaimed the transition to democracy concluded in order to make the oligarchs out to be squeaky clean.                                            

They insisted on tax holiday in order to give a chance to their mentors to legalise their capitals. They also presented Tsvetan Vassilev as a victim despite the fact that he had plundered billions from CorpBank – the fact that was proven both by the Bulgarian investigating authorities and a number of foreign institutions. When their ringleaders, the oligarchs, were brought to court and were held accountable for what they had stolen from the state and all of us they pretended to be as angels on the earth and claimed that the freedom of speech was endangered because they (just imagine that) were publishers. Only the mentors of the behind-the-scenes clique turned publishers not to defend the interests of the society but to employ the media under their control to push through their own talking points and use them as a shield in the war against their enemies. In fact they are those who pose a danger to freedom of speech.

They endanger the free speech with the ugly habit of sending down talking points to their journalists. And this transpired from the instructing e-mails of Ivo Prokopiev which leaked to the press as well as from the shorthand records of the so-called ARGO-gate. They contaminate the free speech when they form and proclaim GMO political parties – offspring of Kostov’s political engineering. They undermine the foundation of democracy being aware that they can only survive in murky waters. And they muddy things up using the tried and tested propaganda ploys – building up the Enemy image and attacking it with fake news to divide the people and distract the public attention from themselves. Actually the enemy is not one and the same person, everyone who stands in their way may step into this role. Nevertheless there are several constant targets and the first among them is lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski, which is explained by his legislative initiatives that frustrate the oligarchs’ attempts at plundering the state further as well as by the policy of his media group aimed at bringing to light all of the shady affairs of the behind-the-scenes clique. The lies they use for attacking Peevski are more or less invariable but the context in which they are served is changing depending on publicity opportunity. Thus, both before the coronavirus crisis and now Peevski has been flooded with the same lies but today they claim that his generous donations to hospitals are nothing but an attempt to beg for forgiveness or buy indulgence for his “sins”. Hundreds of medical professionals across the country thank the donors, hundreds of human lives will be saved today, tomorrow and years after, but the clique’s media make use of only one word taken out of thin air – “indulgence”. Delyan Peevski doesn’t need any indulgence because he has never been a member of any crime organization or robbed a bank, or plundered the state like the oligarchic crime ring did. And they know it only too well just as they know that they losing firm ground increasingly. Because Peevski is not the only enemy they have. The enemies are the institutions which at long last started seeking justice for their crimes.  Above all, their enemy is the Bulgarian society which has clearly demonstrated that it draws a line between good intentions and real action and the mantras which the oligarchs have been using as lullaby for the citizens for years on end. And now the people want not only to shake them off but cry out for retribution.                      

The Commander surrounded himself with State Security agents

Bulgaria’s State Security Agency and the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Bulgarian Armed Forces (RUMNO) had their renaissance under the rule of Ivan Kostov who proclaimed himself the first-line democrat and fighter against police state. The reason lies in the fact that his own godfathers originated from the State Security and RUMNO while his career was closely related to two laboratories of the Bulgarian Communist Party. During his tenures as prime minister from 1997 to 2001, Kostov was surrounded by police officers. However, the customs office broke the record. Among the 63 officers of the repressive services of the Communist regime employed there 27 were promoted to the top posts during the times of Kostov’s government. Their number by far surpasses the appointments of State Security officers in the customs office under the other governments. It proved to be that Kostov’s cabinet had the largest number of diplomats who had ties with the repressive arms of the state – out of 190 of the “dependent” were sent on missions by Kostov. In other words, that government promoted three times as many secret agents and full-time servicemen of the State Security and RUMNO as the government of Jean Videnov.         

Code word “London”  

Sasho and Academician (Ilian Vassilev and Ognyan Stefanov) are Siamese twins. Both were recruited for ideological reasons, i.e. were faithful to the Communist regime. The duo was spying on Great Britain. There is information that Sasho even worked for RUMNO. He was recruited by the First Chief Directorate of the State Security and enrolled in 11th department of the foreign intelligence service of the regime. This is the territorial subdivision in charge of counterintelligence activity which dealt with the citizens of capitalist countries residing in Bulgaria.  Sasho was tasked with reporting on the British agrarian party leader who took part in a conference in Sofia. “London” is a code word that connects him with agent Academician. Ognyan Stefanov kept a safe house of the Second Chief Directorate of the State Security (the regime’s counter intelligence service). He worked for the so-called “Legation” department. The secret meetings of the agents planted in the UK Embassy and their supervising officers from the Chief Directorate were held in this “safe house”. Stefanov is a political officer of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, once he graduated from the so-called Small Conservatoire – the Higher Military and Political School in Lviv with the General Staff of the Soviet army. This school was the GRU cadre training unit. Ilian Vassilev is former ambassador of Bulgaria to Russia who was sent to Moscow by Kostov, at that time he received his ambassadorial agrement and the blessing from the Kremlin.       

On the heels of the regime

According to Bible, in the womb Jacob grasped his brother’s heel to come out from his mother’s womb. Translated from Hebrew this biblical name means “following on the heels”. Kolyo Paramov, the guard of the Greek border at the times of Zhivkov’s reign chose this name for his State Security alias. Now he poses as an eminent expert and financier. He is among the faithful servants of the fugitive banker. Paramov doesn’t have any academic degrees in economics. He majored in economic geography at Sofia University and was elected MP of the 36th National Assembly and was always under the wing of Andrey Lukanov, Kostov’s mentor. When he was barely 19 Paramov was recruited as a part-time resident by the Border Security Forces Directorate of the State Security. The resident headed a group of 5 to 15 informers. In a secret reference data of department 03 – Archives of the State Security made public by the Secret Files Committee it is written that the total number of residents amounted to 840. Paramov was one of them. If his dossier was not destroyed we would have learnt how many human destinies were ruined, of people who were imprudent enough to share with him or his fellow agent their plans for fleeing to Greece.       

The dame in the quartet

In the quartet of the Bulgarian Madoff comprised of the seasoned State Security agents Vera Ahundova takes a special place. The lady is co-chair of  We the Citizens, an NGO posing as independent, created with the only purpose – to defend the Bulgarian Madoff. She is among the record-setters in terms of quotes by the Secret Files Committee and is known as agent Ana Hranova of the Sixth Directorate (the regime’s political police). In her capacity of a member of the Directors’ Board of the bankrupt Plama oil refinery she became a credit millionaire. Agent Hranova managed to sting as many as seven banks, shows reference enclosed with the rulings of the Secret Files Committee. Ahundova is married to the procurist of Rila Stil, Rauf Ahundov. The company is legal successor to the state-owned enterprise of the socialist times with a $2m-worth deposit in CorpBank. From her file we understand that she was recruited by the State Security as an invaluable agent for fighting ideological sabotage targeting the totalitarian regime. She was planted in the Bulgarian National Television and other mass media      

Promise for fake

When there is a need to compose a fake about Delyan Peevski following the orders of Prokopiev’s mainstream they open a cupboard and take out of mothballs the failed politician Osman Oktai. He is also a State Security agent. He chose a codename Ognyan for himself. Together with Ognyan Stefanov, whose site Oktai uses to teach us morals, they are something like Siamese twins of the State Security. Now he is introduced to us as an analyst although he is only a failed politician. Once he kicked out from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms after he was suspected of pinching money from the party’s cash box. His agent operational activity was made public in the same rule of the Secret Files Committee dated September 2007 which quoted Paramov as well. Agent Ognyan was recruited by the Interior Ministry division in Silistra on the initiative of the State Security. However, his corrected file still keeps his handwritten oath of loyalty to the State Security.        

The Kantchovtsi – henchmen of the Bulgarian Madoff

Apart from the State Security agents, a vociferous group of analysts on call also services the oligarchs, among them Andrey Raychev and Kancho Stoychev, wider known as the Kantchovtsi – Evgenii Dainov and Krasen Stanchev. These experts of the transition period were raised by the Bulgarian Communist Party. Some of them remained the hardcore “reds”, like Raychev and Stoychev from Gallup International agency which has nothing in common with the authentic Gallup. The links of the Kantchovtsi with the CorpBank pyramid are apparent. The transpire not only from their relations with the Technical Support firm (NTO) dealing with high technologies in the sphere of stem cell research, in which the henchmen of the Bulgarian Madoff are partners,  but also from the tranches the fugitive banker provided to them in cash. From the case materials of this mega affair it becomes clear that Raychev and Stoychev on two occasions have received € 500,000 each following a personal order of Tsvetan Vassilev without signing any checks. Raychev likes to say that the transition period is over. Apparently, though, it is over only for the political analysts and sociologists on call.    

The heart of Kostov

However, the right-wing shaman fears mentioning Russian ties as the devil fears the holy water. The truth is that once Kostov sent him to Moscow to establish political contacts and he has obviosly earned the trust of both the Commander and Russia. During the hot August of 1996 Kostov signed the authorisation by force of which the Union of Democratic Forces vested Dainov with power to establish political contacts with Moscow. And hold consultations concerning the visit of then chairman of the United Democratic Forces Petar Stoyanov and chairman of the Union of Democratic Forces Ivan Kostov to the Russian capital. The document is kept in the archives of the Union of Democratic Forces and Telegraph Media have a copy of it. Dainov, as well as his mentor Ivan Kostov, the Commander of the murky transition to democracy, have a phenomenal instinct which makes them hide the unseemly facts in their biographies and often lose their memory all of a sudden. On 1 March 1982, Dainov was enrolled as a Ph.D. fellow in the Institute of History of the Bulgarian Communist Party following a special decision of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party. This fact is not omitted in his official CV of the associate professor at the New Bulgarian University. Dainov, who now demonises Gen. Mutafchiyski, was born and raised in a family of red nomenclatura, he studied in Great Britain and his father was a correspondent of the party’s official newspaper Rabotnishesko Delo. His fundamental thesis work titled “French Communist party and the problem of political alliances (1972-1981)” was marked “For Official Use Only”. He describes himself as far-left Trotskyist. He was sent to Oxford on a stipend provided by Lyudmila Zhivkova Foundation sponsored by friend of Andrey Lukanov, Robert Maxwell.

Dainov won Kostov’s heart with a letter in which he describes his work in the Confederation of the Independent Syndicates in Bulgaria (for which his mentor also worked) which ends with the following phrase: “Once, everything I know and can do was given for the cause free of charge and was used with rather low efficiency coefficient. Today, what I know and can do costs money.” He hits the bull’s eye -  in fact Kostov himself said something similar speaking with leader of the Union of Democratic Forces Zhelyu Zhelev when he wanted to sell for money to the Union the database with information about the Bulgarian economy and financial sphere which he gathered while being a laboratory assistant of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

Leninist philosopher

Krasen Stanchev who is now posing as a market economy expert and founder of the Institute for Market Economics is also an offspring of the top communist nomenclatura. He is the son of Stefan Stanchev, deputy head of the department at the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party. He graduated in Marxist and Leninist Philosophy in Leningrad in 1980 and started working as an assistant in Marxist-Leninist philosophy at the Academy of Social Sciences and Social Management with the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party. His second wife is Gergana Zhuleva, whose father Delo Zhulev is Major General of the Communist armed forces. He graduated from the Academy of the general Staff of the USSR in 1973. After his death Gergan’s patrons were two of her father’s cousins – Dimitar and Stoyan Zhulev. Dimitar Zhilev, Gergana’s uncle was the ambassador of communist Bulgaria to Moscow. Once he was on very friendly terms with Todor Zhivkov and Brezhnev. 


George Orwell writes in his famous novel 1984: “Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past.” These people always plea “not guilty” for the oligarchy. From their mouths speaks not only the communist nomenclatura to which Kostov rendered support but also the undying communist-era State Security.    

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