Czechia received medical ventilators via EU Civil Protection Mechanism

Austria has offered additional 30 high-flow nasal oxygen therapy devices

The request of 150 ventilators from Czechia of 22 October is fully answered with 15 ventilators from Austria and 105 from the Netherlands dispatched on Saturday, on top of 30 devices from rescEU delivered two days ago. Austria has also offered 30 high-flow nasal oxygen therapy devices.

Following Thursday's announcement by President von der Leyen that the EU is sending 30 ventilators from the rescEU medical reserve, Austria and the Netherlands also answered Czechia's request for assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

RescEU is the common European reserve of medical equipment set up earlier this year to help countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

At a time when most of Europe is again struggling with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, I thank Austria and the Netherlands for their support through our EU Civil Protection Mechanism, Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič said. He explained that the EU's Emergency Response Coordination Centre continues to work closely with civil protection authorities from all participating states, adding “We are ready to channel more assistance to Czechia”.

This support comes on top of 620,000 masks and 50,000 protective gowns already delivered from the rescEU reserve, as well as in-kind assistance provided to 22 countries in need via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The rescEU reserve includes different types of medical equipment, such as protective masks or medical ventilators used in intensive care, and is constantly replenished. The reserve is hosted by several Member States who are responsible for procuring the equipment. The European Commission finances 100% of the assets, including storage and transport. Currently six EU countries host rescEU: Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Sweden and Romania.

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