Cyprus closes beaches, parks to fight virus

Cyprus closed all beaches and parks in attempt to further restrict citizens' movements and curb the spread of coronavirus on the Mediterranean island. Open air markets will also close as well as sports facilities, places of worship, dams and picnic areas until 13 April, President Nicos Anastasiades said in a national address.

In his words if people ignored the rules then the country's health system was at risk of "collapse". "We are at war... a war that is won by staying in our shelters," Anastasiades said. People will only be allowed to leave home to shop for essentials, go to work, visit the pharmacy or a doctor, go to the bank, walk the dog or for exercise. Everybody will be required to carry a passport or other form of identity.

Anastasiades said the tougher measures were needed because "some citizens have shown indiscipline, a lack of self-respect and responsibility." Over the weekend people were seen gathering in parks, beaches and children's play areas.

The divided island has reported until Wednesday morning 124 cases and three deaths.

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