CPC approves United Media's acquisition of Vestnik Telegraph EOOD

The antitrust regulator has also greenlighted the Nova Broadcasting Group deal

The Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) has given United Media permission to acquire Vestnik Telegraph EOOD - the media group that publishes the newspapers Telegraph, Monitor, Match Telegraph, Politika and Europost and has shared control over the regional publication Borba. The announcement was made on the antitrust regulator's website.

Vestnik Telegraph EOOD's soon-to-be previous owner is Intrust EAD, a company solely owned by MP Delyan Peevski.

United Media is a subsidiary of United Group, the leading supplier of telecommunications and media services for Southeastern Europe. In 2019, the London-based investment fund BC Partners became majority owner of United Group.

The CPC decision was made on 14 January, with a ruling that gave United Media the antitrust commission's approval to also acquire Nova Broadcasting Group coming earlier that same day.

In its position on the acquisition of Vestnik Telegraph EOOD the antitrust commission notes that, in assessing the deal, it took into account the acquisition filing for Nova Broadcasting Group, hitherto owned by Advance Media Group, property of the Domuschiev brothers, Kiril and Georgi.

The assessment shows unequivocally that the acquisition of the two media groups by United Media would not result in the establishment of a monopoly in either of the analysed markets, states the ruling, which also makes the CPC decision effective immediately.

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