Council amends EU 2020 budget for tackling Covid-19

Photo: EU Zdravko Maric.

The EU unlocks €3.1bn from the EU 2020 budget to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak, under the two amendments that the Council adopted on Tuesday by written procedure. The EU is making available almost all the remaining money from this year's budget to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

From this amount, €2.7bn will be directed to fund the provision of emergency healthcare support such as the stockpiling and purchasing and distribution of medical supplies, boosting the production of testing kits, building field hospitals, transfering patients for treatment in other EU country and helping repatriate EU citizens from third countries.

The revised EU budget for 2020 unlocks crucial resources to address the unprecedented challenges facing the EU and its member states, Zdravko Maric, Croatia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance said accenting that the top priority is to help national health systems tackle the Covid-19 outbreak. This money will be used to fund medical supplies, to construct field hospitals, and to transfer patients for treatment in other member states, he explained.

The amendments are also making available more resources to help Greece deal with increased migratory pressures, and to support Albania's post-earthquake reconstruction.    Greece will receive €350m to develop new reception facilities, enhance the asylum systems and procedures, and improve the protection of the external borders of Greece and Bulgaria. Some of these measures will also help combat Covid-19, as migrants and refugees represent a highly vulnerable group. A total amount of €100m is allocated to supporting reconstruction in Albania in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit the country in November last year.

Under the current approval were implemented also other minor adjustments related to the European Public Prosecutor's Office, the European Court of Auditors and the Ombudsman.

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