Constitution in Pinocchio way and its Article 1: Ban Delyan Peevski

If the founders of the Roman law had drawn the draft new constitution, the circle of Hristo Ivanov and the oligarchy mainstream would still not be satisfied.

Why? For the simple reason that for Ivo Prokopiev's former Minister of Justice and a current strawman leader of his party Yes, Bulgaria no draft Basic Law would be "good" enough – you understand “convenient” enough, if Article 1 does not explicitly state that Delyan Peevski is banned. Sorry - in Article 2. Because Article 1 would certainly be reserved for the postulate that Yes, Bulgaria party presents the state and the leading force in society is only and solely its prerogative. The reference to the former communist head of state Todor Zhivkov’s Constitution (as the version of the Basic Law of 1971 is known, repealed with the arrival of democracy) is far from accidental. However, the genesis of Pinocchio, as Hristo Ivanov is known for his tendency to lie, and of his mentors from behind-the-scenes clique - all accused and indicted oligarchs, is the same - nomenclature-state security origin. As expected, it draws them to returning to the times of totalitarianism. Moreover, only the entry of Yes, Bulgaria in the Constitution would guarantee this party, which has electoral support within the statistical error, a control over the state.

Once the control is ensured, it is time for returning the status of "enemy of the party" with an explicit listing of the "guilty ones". Led by Delyan Peevski, of course - the MP from the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms, who has been a thorn in the side of the members of this group for long because of his legislative initiatives, which hinder their tricky deals. And because of his outlets, which have been revealing the crimes and affairs of the oligarchs in our country for years, who have been plundering both our society and our democracy for decades.

And what will be Article 3? No need of asking! Naturally, a lifelong presidential term for the deserved oligarchic hero - Ara, the parrot, and again a lifelong stay of Pinocchio at the head of the Prosecutor's Office. We are not going to play at mandates and democratic procedures! You have to think big! In this context, what are the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly needed for? Things can be decided very easily by the politburo of the party-state Yes, Bulgaria in the face of the oligarchic council of behind-the-scenes ringleaders of Pinocchio&Co. And they can be implemented by the already mentioned two persons above.

Joking apart (although it is not a pure joke), but for three days now we have been witnessing an exercise, which would be comical if it were not sad in its nature.

Ever since Prime Minister Boyko Borissov came up with the idea, which the vast majority of Bulgarian citizens will - that a restart of democracy is needed through elections for a Grand National Assembly, which shall adopt a new Constitution, all the oligarchy's pawns have lined up against this proposal. Moreover, falling into the schizophrenic situation to deny their earlier own demands, apparently relying on the short memory of society. But the memory is not as short as behind-the-scenes figureheads want. We all remember how the organisers of the protests from the “Poisonous Trio” wanted namely the adoption of constitutional changes, President Radev was singing the same song, and Pinocchio proposed ideas, which are embedded in Borissov’s project. However, suddenly the whole this group roared that the elections for a Grand National Assembly would be a replacement. And it began going to a goat for wool, leaving no stone unturned in order to prove their thesis. Duly supported by the talking points transmitted by the conductors of the protests - the blood-thirsty gambling oligarch with 19 felony charges Vasil Bozhkov and the indicted bosses Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev. With the supporting articles of the mainstream media machine as well, dependant on the same these oligarchs, and playing the role of an ancient Greek choir in this absurd play.

It a similar play Mediapool website, of the also lifelong spokeswoman of the former PM Ivan Kostov and his oligarchs - Stoyana Georgieva, reaches new highs in the manipulation art, reading the draft of a new constitution with vigour that would make ashamed even Lucifer. "The Borissov’s Constitution gives new rights to the prosecutor general and withdraws rights to the president," the team of the neglected website flows and intelligibly involves Delyan Peevski with the first sentences. We use the word "intelligibly" only because it has long been grown into a habit for the mainstream media machine and behind-the-scene spokespersons to pin everything in this country to the lawmaker. It does not matter that he is an MP from the opposition, that he has nothing to do with the ruling parties, and the allegations to the contrary neither are supported by facts, nor have anything to do with the reality. The machine for slanders and manipulation of the indicted and accused oligarchs has never allowed the truth to stand in their way and so the "Mediapool team" cheerfully carries out the orders for shooting at Peevski, claiming that the idea of ​​convening a Grand National Assembly and adopting a new Constitution has come from him.(?!) While we are recovering from the shock caused by this bold statement, unbacked by any evidence (due to the lack of such), comes the next shooting. The new powers of the Prosecutor General, who, according to the draft, would be obliged to report before the National Assembly every 6 months, and his term would be reduced to 5 years, as well as those of the heads of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court, read in the proposal that the future Judicial Council of Prosecutors shall have a legislative initiative.

What is it really about? In the draft constitution, it is proposed that instead of Supreme Judicial Council there should be two bodies with separate personnel - a Judicial Council of Judges and a Judicial Council of prosecutors, as according to Art. 56, para. 1 of the document above, each of them will have a legislative initiative. To claim that the Prosecutor General will have a legislative initiative as a member of the Council of Prosecutors, without saying by the same logic, that behind-the-scenes judge - the head of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov, who is a member of the Council of Judges, will also have it, it is an emanation of demagogy. However, what is more absurdly is that Mediapool  website is keeping silent about something far more important - the Council of Judges will have a predominance of the professional quota of magistrates, over the parliamentary one. This is something that Hristo Ivanov personally insisted at the time when he played the role of Prokopiev's interests substitute in Borissov 2 cabinet. It is the same Hristo Ivanov, who is currently jumping forward against these ideas launched by himself.

What is the reason behind the schizophrenic behaviour of both Pinocchio and the oligarchy’s mainstream media machine? It is quite prosaic.

The idea of ​​ triggering elections for a Grand National Assembly has not only taken off the double-faced guises of behind-the-scenes clique and its pawns, showing their real faces. It revealed the naked truth that much-desired restart of democracy for normal citizens could mean a new beginning, but for behind-the-scene clique that holds captive the state in its network of paid spokespersons, pseudo-journalists and moles, it means nothing else but collapse. And the very end. Of their tricky deals, crimes and sense of impunity of the oligarchs, who have been conducting the real replacement in our country for three decades – replacement of our democracy.

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