Clown Pinocchio blows up again gum balloon of Bulgartabac with lies about Peevski

Ivanov, when will you ask your producer Prokopiev how he bought a company for BGN 730,000 in cash and how he sold it for BGN 150 million?

Being a clown is not an easy job. Especially if you are in Prokopiev's troupe. The circus is old, the spectators are fed up, and the chewing gums for blowing lies are second-hand. To top it all, they burst right in the long nose of the one, who is inflating them. And the audience is whistling.

If you do not believe, then ask the personal animator on the payroll of the indicted oligarch Prokopiev - Hristo Ivanov, called Pinocchio. You can guess about that plaintive and sombre character, whom the kaolin boss Prokopiev firstly fixed as Minister of Justice. Then, when he failed to perform his assigned role, he made him a leader of his personal GMO party - Yes, Bulgaria. Today, in a desperate effort to attract more spectators and sell more election tickets in a few months, he is walking him around the country like a clown. To post on Facebook the same old scratched-out records and to inflate the talking points, getting everyone sick to death, against the enemies of the circus producer Ivo Prokopiev.

The consecutive tragicomic and old spectacle of the clown Pinocchio was yesterday, when he opened the circus tent in front of Bulgartabac Holding. There he inflated the old and perforated balloon for the imaginary and existing only in Prokopiev’s fantasies and his troupe, participation in privatisation of the tobacco holding of MP Delyan Peevski. The balloon is perforated because of its amortisation due to blowing up dozens of times over the years and it used to burst just as often because of the seriousness of truth and real facts.  What is the so-called “tie” between Peevski and Bulgartabac Holding has been clear for years and it can be easily checked in our country's public trade register. The lawmaker has never participated in the privatisation not only of this enterprise, but in the privatisation process in general. He has never had control over it, and years ago he sold the only minority share he held in the holding. A share, which is acquired by private individuals, not by the state and which is sold in 2016. But both the producer Prokopiev and his clown Pinocchio have never allowed the truth to hinder their propaganda and continue to inflate this balloon. Moreover, they always do it before or immediately after elections or European reports. Only the dates in the poster change.

Thus, we watched the same show with exactly the same lies in September 2016 (on the eve of the presidential election, when Prokopiev's candidate for head of state and defendant along with him in the EVN affair, Traycho Traykov, received a slap in the face from the voters). In February 2017 again (before the fiasco of the parliamentary vote in the spring, which threw into oblivion the party Yes, Bulgaria). In October 2017 (amid the release of the next monitoring report of the European Commission). In November 2018 (again amid the release of the EC report). In April-June 2019 (to warm up the EuroVote campaign). In September 2019 (on the eve of the local vote). And now again - as a warm-up for the upcoming 2021 parliamentary elections. Apparently, hoping that the memory of the spectators is short and they would have forgotten that they have already watched this show and will believe the lies they have been told again by buying tickets for this circus.

But lying is not an easy task too. Especially when there is not a grain of truth in it, and statements are used as evidence of another indicted oligarch, who turned CorpBank into a financial pyramid and fled with the plundered billions of depositors in Serbia - Tsvetan Vassilev. Because Pinocchio's nose grew double, only from the lies told yesterday.

The clown Hristo Ivanov knows it very well. As well as his producer Prokopiev, whose company Bulbrokers managed the privatisation of the so-called Dream Pool in 2003, when 12.8% were privatised by Bulgartabac Holding. The same company Bulbrokers, whose bosses are currently indicted for causing damage of tens of millions to the state treasury by privatising the minority stake in EVN. And the same multimillionaire exactly from privatisation (unlike Peevski, who, as already mentioned, has never participated in the privatisation process) Ivo Prokopiev, who is not only a defendant but also indicted of money laundering from the sale of Kaolin. The spectators of the plaintive performances, pushed by Pinocchio, also know it very well, and this is the reason for the tragic results of the clowning, directed by the circus Capital in every vote, for which he pitches his circus tents.

So Ivanov, if you really want different results from the previous ones, it is good for you to change both the chewing gum and the record. And to bet on a variety of truth. By taking your troupe before Kaolin or Damyanitsa - the original sins of your mentor-privatiser Prokopiev. And asking how the Capital circle through Prokopiev's partner - Filip Harmandjiev put its hand on Damyanitsa – a winery, in which only the ready products in stock were worth over $4 million, and the group in question received it for $3 million, as a present, reduced by half after an Annex. Thereby, paying effectively only $60,000, and the rest - by long-term government bonds and compensative bills.

You better ask how did this same indicted oligarch Prokopiev become a millionaire overnight from the student bench and get the Balkans company-monopolist - Kaolin for cents on the dollar, which was again given to him as a present by the father of the bandit privatisation – the former PM Ivan Kostov? This is an enterprise whose valuation is helpfully reduced in times, its turnover before the sale had been BGN 15 million per year, and Prokopiev had bought it for a little over BGN 6.5 million. Paying only BGN 730,000 of them effectively, the rest – by compensatory bills. In 2012-2013 he sold the same company to the German company Kvarts Werke for BGN 150 million, i.e. at a price over 200 times higher than the one paid by him.

So, Pinocchio, we expect your next show to be in front of Kaolin. Asking where are the BGN 150 million from Kaolin, by what magic wand and most of all - on whose shoulders, your producer has become a multimillionaire from the privatisation?

If you do it, you will certainly sell more tickets for your show. Especially, if your producer appears there and finally takes part in the circus himself, which is conducted by him, but performed by you - the plaintive clown.

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