Claim against Peevski not considered by US government

Former top FBI agent Thomas Locke disproves the latest Frognews fabrication regarding the Magnitsky Act case

Thomas Locke

The contrived case filed by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev against lawmaker and owner of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski under the Global Magnitsky Act has not been considered by the American authorities. Any assertions to the contrary, spread mostly by the Vassilev-funded website Frognews, are a fabrication designed to defame Peevski, the number one enemy of Vassilev and his oligarchic cronies. This was made clear in a statement by Thomas Locke, former senior FBI official, currently managing director of the Washington-based BGR Public Affairs.

The statement was released in response to the latest article ran by the Frognews website, owned by former State Security agent Ognyan Stefanov (alias Academician), about Vassilev’s absurd accusations against Peevski. The latest sullying piece of writing, intended to maintain the rapidly deflating bubble that is the fugitive banker’s claim under the Magnitsky Act, dates back to last week. The article is based on suggestions by Konstantin Simeonov, one of Vassilev’s attorneys, that a decision by the US government to punish Peevski under the Magnitsky Act is imminent. To lend a semblance of credibility to his words, Simeonov, whose client embezzled billions of CorpBank depositors’ money, even says that the decision is expected to be announced by Radio Free Europe, insinuating that somehow that was the reason why the radio was resuming its news service for Bulgaria.

However, his words could not be further from the truth, as the statement by the managing director of BGR Public Affairs shows. “(This information) is false… My colleagues and I have checked repeatedly with the US government officials involved in the process of imposing sanctions under the statute (Global Magnitsky Act), and Mr Peevski isn't even under consideration. Any assertion otherwise is a hoax designed to embarrass and defame Mr. Peevski,” Thomas Locke is adamant, adding that US government officials reject any suggestion that the lawmaker is in danger of being punished under the Magnitsky law. Locke also destroys Simeonov’s insinuations regarding the renewed broadcast of Radio Free Europe.

“Magnitsky sanctions are not disclosed on Radio Free Europe (Radio Liberty). They are announced by US government press release through normal channels. Radio Liberty, like other news outlets, might report or repeat that news, but it would certainly not originate it or be the main conduit for it. In other words, Mr. Simeonov is in error about both the substance and the process of Magnitsky sanctions,” the former top FBI official notes.

What is curious is that even though the information nuggets surrounding Vassilev’s claim against Peevski are being disproved left and right, Frognews is stepping up its misleading coverage of the topic even more. This is probably in attempt to justify the funding it receives from Tsvetan Vassilev, who uses part of the billions of levs he stole from the Bulgarian citizens to pour money into Ognyan Stefanov’s website. The abovementioned article is the third fabrication on the topic in the past several months and in its previous fake news the website went as far as dragging into it the name of US State Secretary Michael Pompeo.

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