Citizen Metodi has problem with government and Delyan Peevski

Agent Sasho from the State Security poses as “man of the people” on the website of fellow agent Academician

The news website Frognews, sponsored by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, is the epitome of a cesspool, a sewer draining all kinds of slime. Any politician who cannot catch on with a party and any informer of the former State Security is welcome to spill his guts there. There is only one condition – to libel lawmaker from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Delyan Peevski, no matter what, all the while pretending to fight against those in power. Which does not make much sense since Peevski is an MP from an opposition party.

The landlord of the cesspool, Agent Academician, trusted a rookie with an American name to do an interview with Metodi Andreev, former GERB lawmaker and chairperson of the Secret Files Committee. The puppet female journalist in question describes herself in the following way: “A journalism student, walking haze of positivity, self-taught guitarist and culinary enthusiast. The three words that best describe me: dreamer, unorthodox, and soul. I listen to music all the time, I sing in the shower, badly, and I sometimes smile at strangers.” Against the backdrop of this impressive journalistic profile, it should be noted that she was given the particularly “challenging” task of interviewing an inarticulate individual like Metodi Andreev.

It is beyond preposterous that someone who has been paid salary out of taxpayers’ money for years is calling for the establishment to be blocked and dismantled now that he is no longer cashing those checks. On the flipside, Metodi Andreev has long proven his lack of principles. The interviewer never thought to ask him when exactly he decided to be an enemy of the state and why he never showed such civil consciousness during all that time he hung on every word of those in power and meekly took every bone they threw him like a puppy. It is no coincidence that the owner of the news website allowed this enemy of the state to be presented not as a former public servant, but as a regular citizen, two names and nothing else. The little dreamer who interviewed him does not remember who he is and never asked him a difficult question. Just the ones she was instructed to ask. She also repeated one particular question, slightly paraphrased, twice.

Little Jessica, you can keep singing in the shower. If you continue to ask the right questions, you can even find your way onto the editorial team of Frognews – it is not like there is an abundance of professionals there, so you will feel right in. And if you are lucky, they may even allow you to interview the top informer and regular guest analyst of the website who is even more experienced than Academician. Iliyan Vassilev, aka Agent Sasho, will be an even easier assignment.

Early in the morning he checked in as a “man of the people” in Facebook and only a minute later he was already on the website of Agent Academician. With him, there is even no need to ask questions. He blurts out his opinion and the writers of the website present it in its full, disgusting glory to their readers. If that is your idea of a future in journalism, good luck to you. It is nice you sing in the shower. State Security informers sing only under a certain arrangement – for cash that comes from a collapsed financial pyramid.

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