Circus “Oligarchy” presents: The sad thoughts of Hristo about Delyan Peevski

Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov, the strawman leader of a lab-engineered political party put in place by Prokopiev’s empire, is tireless in spewing nonsense. He has the looks of an early 1980s comedian and just as hilarious statements. Hristo is like the sad clown of Circus “Oligarchy”.

But do not be fooled – behind his entertaining appearance lurk dark, behind-the-scenes forces, whose goals are far from funny. Behind Ivanov stand the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and the omnipresent godfather of the murky privatisation process, former PM Ivan Kostov. Hristo Ivanov, who compromised the judicial branch of government with a random-case-assignment computer system that was vulnerable to outside interference, is nothing but a mouthpiece for Prokopiev and Kostov. 

The heir to the Boykikev family of members of the communist regime, Ivanov is a pretty good indicator as to what is bothering the head of the mainstream media machine and the Commander at any given moment. Obviously, they are now irked by the legal action taken by the judicial authorities against certain oligarchs who built their empires during Kostov’s thieving regime. The oligarchy clearly dislikes the legal action taken against it by the state after years in which the former was left to inhabit its opulent fantasy world undisturbed, its interests served by Prokopiev’s media machine.

Cue Hristo Ivanov’s appearance on stage, emerging from behind the scenes. Did we say “on stage”? More like “the circus arena”. The wannabe literary man promptly tries to say something to the effect that seeking to hold the oligarchs accountable before a court of law is unfair because, you see, the whole thing is really about “settling a score”. Thanks to the measures taken by the competent authorities against fugitive gambling tzar Vasil Bozhkov, Ivanov dares to call him a name that he would not have even had the guts to think of until recently.

To do his job as a mouthpiece of the oligarchy the right way, Hristo Ivanov allows lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski into his stream of consciousness. He makes the completely unfounded insinuation that the planned state-owned petrol stations will somehow work in favour of Peevski. This inane and devoid of facts allegation is not even worth commenting – it is that patently nonsensical.

The ridiculous assertion, however, is counterproductive for Kostov, Prokopiev and their minion Hristo Ivanov. It is clear to everyone that the state-owned petrol stations, which are projected to sell at prices that will bring them minimal or no profit at all, will undercut the unreasonably high prices offered by the industry’s cartel. The Ministry of Finance’s calculations show that some petrol stations sell at prices 40-50 stotinkas higher than what is common for a litre (0.26 gallons) of petrol. Well, now we know whose interests Kostov and Prokopiev are looking after – the cartel’s. They do not care about the Bulgarian citizens who struggle to pay for petrol.

To pull wool over the eyes of people, the oligarchy and the vociferous Boykikev heir are capable of spinning all sorts of lies. For example – even no-strings-attached donations made by MP Delyan Peevski to noble causes are portrayed by them as something bad. Conversely, the leaky judicial system that can apparently be manipulated by the oligarchy from Belgrade, Dubai, Fiji and Madagascar is presented as something positive. How could one argue against such “sound” logic? These people should really take their medicines or at least stop drinking.

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