Cinema tells stories of photography

Exhibition titled Moving Stills focuses on four films by renowned director Trisha Ziff

Trisha Ziff

At the invitation of Contemporary Space, the Synthesis gallery will guest in Varna with the exposition Moving Stills - Photography Films by Trisha Ziff. Its focus is on four films made by the famous director: Chevolution (2008), The Mexican Suitcase (2011), The Man Who Saw Too Much (2016) and Witkin & Witkin (2017). They tell the life stories of four photographers - Alberto Korda, Robert Capa, Enrique Metinides and Joel-Peter Witkin.

The exhibition will be on view in parallel at Contemporary Space and Photosynthesis Varna. It will be a follow-up to the theme module Cinema and Photography where the Synthesis gallery in partnership with Sofia Film Fest shows expositions of important photographers and film directors, accentuating the connection between photography and cinema.

Moving Stills includes iconic shots by world-acclaimed photographers Robert Capa, Gerda Taro, David “Chim” Seymour, Alberto Korda, Enrique Metinides and Joel-Peter Witkin, as well as documents, posters and objects related to Trisha Ziff's films. As part of the exhibition's companion programme, at the Contemporary Space will be screened the films Chevolution, The Mexican Suitcase, and The Man Who Saw Too Much. “My first films which I made as a documentary filmmaker are dedicated to still image. The films about photography tell the stories of photographers: how they see, think and behave, and how their images are seen and understood around the world. Still image brought me to film. I use the language of the cinema to see into the serenity of the moment,” Trisha Ziff says. Chevolution, her first film inspired by a photo, is like a close look at the famous photo portrait of Ernesto “Che” Guevara which the art historian David Kunzle described as the Monna Lisa of photography. It was made in 1960 by Alberto Diaz Gutierrez, a renowned Cuban photographer who undersigned his works as Alberto Korda.

Trisha Ziff lives in Mexico City. She has exhibited works at the Victoria & Albert Hall, London, the California Museum of Photography, the International Centre of Photography and the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City.

Her exposition Moving Stills will be on view till 9 November. The exhibition's curator is Nadezhda Pavlova.

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