Chiming in along with Prokopiev and Ninova: Kremlin propaganda with a new attack on Delyan Peevski

With all due respect to the Englishmen, but they are wrong when they say there is no such thing as eternal enemies. The Bulgarian oligarchy may change up the targets it is bombarding with lies and disinformation through a mainstream media machine whose publications are funded either openly or under the table by the oligarchy and single out victims for daring to disturb its peace of mind, but the list of enemies features one constant – lawmaker from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Delyan Peevski.

He has been the enemy №1 of the behind-the-scenes bosses in Bulgaria for years now because of his legislative initiatives designed to stop their illegal schemes and because of the long-time policy of the newspapers in his media group – Telegraph, Monitor and Politika – to expose the shady deals of those same oligarchs.

And so, in a clearly coordinated smear campaign, while the stand-up comedy duo of indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev’s political party Yes, Bulgaria – Hristo Ivanov and Ivo Mirchev – was putting on its latest act by pinning on Peevski the schemes and aspirations of its own boss to put a hand on even more millions of levs from the state-owned Bulgarian Development Bank (See here), its partners from the website with strong ties to the Kremlin propaganda Bivol joined the smear campaign with its own rendition of the same tune. Just as off-key.

In a piece described as “investigation”, the website, whose chief editor Atanas Chobanov has a Moscow father-in-law, while his wife Maria Onuchko is a journalist at a publication that is part of the Kremlin propaganda machine, links the name of Delyan Peevski to the purchase of an office building in Thessaloniki for €4m. So far it sounds spicy, doesn’t it? But let us dig deeper and see how the authors came to that conclusion.

The building in question was acquired at the end of 2018 by Advance Creative Group, whose Greek branch is headed by Anna Pchelarova, who used to be, you see, a managing director of Vodstroy 98 and the entire scheme, they say, smacked of money laundering. And what exactly is the connection with Delyan Peevski? There is not one, as the most cursory glance at the public registers in Bulgaria would tell you. But Bivol, similar to the other cogs in the mainstream media machine of the oligarchy, is apparently banking on no one bothering to do this check because they are clearly recycling through old fake news. In this particular case it is a lie that has been repeated a thousand times by the Capital circle and has been disproven just as many times by the official registers – that Vodstroy 98 is tied to the lawmaker. As you can imagine, Bivol does not provide documentation or any type of evidence for a link between the company, its owners, and its management, on the one hand, and Peevski, on the other. And how could it when there is no such link. But facts have never stopped the propaganda machine and its instruments from pursuing their agenda. They simply repeat a lie incessantly in the hope that people will believe it at some point.

Meanwhile, the so-called “investigation” by Bivol is a clear evidence that the supposedly rightwing Yes, Bulgaria and oligarch Ivo Prokopiev have ties with the leftwing BSP and its leader Kornelia Ninova, more specifically, which were illuminated during the ongoing protest in Bulgaria orchestrated by the oligarchs against the country’s legitimate institutions. Because the Bivol piece in question comes just a week after Telegraph revealed that Kornelia Ninova owns, through her strawman on senior positions in the BSP, a Halkidiki hotel worth tens of millions of euros (See here), bought with a BDB loan no less. The same bank that Prokopiev controls, including the allocation of its state-funded resources, after installing one of his Capital circle people as its executive director. Coincidence? Hardly. 

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