Charity that offends (the oligarchs)

People with heaps of money and no morals have been battling Delyan Peevski for years

Can good be misrepresented as bad? This might sound philosophical and abstract, but let us try and answer a couple of simple questions anyway. Can a person who lends a helping hand in a time of unprecedented crisis be bad? Conversely, can people who view money as more important than human life and are ready to brush aside the number of coronavirus victims as long as their businesses survive be called good and moral?

And finally, what would you do if for 10 years you have been pouring obscene amounts of money into painting someone into the worst possible light publicly and then all of a sudden society started to see that that person actually has a big heart? Just take a look at what is transpiring in the ranks of the oligarchic circle Capital and you will find the answers to all those questions.

For several weeks now a state of emergency has been in place in Bulgaria because of the virus that is wiping away human lives with unseen fury. Thousands of people came together with the sole purpose of defeating this modern plague tormenting the world. Medical workers, police officers, volunteers, donors – they are all acting in unison to minimize the number of COVID-19 victims. To save us all.

One of these people is MRF lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. Quietly, without trying to draw attention to himself, unlike some other people, he joined the ranks of those fighting the new coronavirus. He has been donating equipment, protective suits, tests, masks, money. He has been donating to the major hospitals in the capital which took on the initial COVID-19 blow as well as small healthcare facilities across the country, where confirmed cases are still few and far between but the dark days are yet to come. Peevski is one of thousands, but he is also the only one against whom a vicious campaign is in progress. Why?

Because for years certain individuals – indicted oligarchs with heaps of money and no morals – have been fighting a fierce battle against him. They hate him because he is an obstacle to their shady deals and schemes to suck the public dry. They want to destroy his public image in order to silence his media outlets, such a thorn in their side. Having sunk a lot of resources into that fight, they are now about to lose it after the pandemic unmasked them, revealing their unscrupulous faces.

Bulgarians saw that to people like Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev, Sasho Donchev and the other pawns of former PM Ivan Kostov, aka the Commander of the country’s opaque transition to democracy, they are nothing but numbers. And the numbers that matter to these oligarchs are profits, their own interests. To them, regular people are to be easily sacrificed in the name of protecting “their businesses”, mansions and BGN 500,000 cars. The whole thing is making the oligarchs anxious. So they have resorted to what they do best – putting their puppet journalists to work.

The latest masterpiece of these scribblers can be found in the Bulgarian desk of Radio Free Europe. It is interesting to note that even the former Prokopiev employees working there were obviously too ashamed to endorse the piece concocted by Nikolay Staykov, a town crier for the oligarchs, and so added a disclaimer saying that his opinion “does not necessarily reflect the position of Radio Free Europe”. Staykov’s verbose piece, dense with ruminations about the life and work of Delyan Peevski, reveals several things.

First, the Capital circle people (no such thing as former) have no idea how to use the national public registers or facts, for that matter. They take their lead from the oligarch and the smallest of signals is enough for them to start singing in chorus like song-birds for however long it takes. How else would you explain the fact that a journalist (at least on the face of it) would openly admit to his inability to check the property of a public figure like Peevski? The journalist in question must be either incompetent or paid by someone or both.

The second conclusion is perhaps even more intriguing, even though we have known it for years. The oligarchs hate Peevski because of the newspapers he publishes. This is why for years they have been trying to make these publications out to be losing businesses, unnecessary, etc – simply because they are losing the battle with these media outlets. Newspapers are documents of history, unlike the content of websites like Capital, where you can write something and then make it go away.

Newspapers are carriers of truth, a bridge between past history and the history we write today. Newspapers are for free-thinking people who want to be informed and ask questions. They serve exactly the segment of society that can smell oligarchic interests from a mile away and staunchly refuses to be part of them. Newspapers are a mirror in which the shady businessmen do not want to look because the reflection looking back at them would remind them of the thousands of lives they destroyed to accumulate their billion-lev wealth.

The third conclusion can be simply described in the following way – Staykov’s text clearly shows that charity is not in the DNA of his bosses. You may remember that years ago fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev donated a generous sum to the restoration of a monastery with the condition that he and his wife be painted next to the saints in the church as its donors.

The financial fraudster is obviously yet to understand that good deeds have a bigger reward than having your image on a church wall – touching the hearts of those you have helped… And last but not least, you have probably heard the saying that God sees everything, even when we try to fool him about having good intentions. On that score, do you know the name of the monastery to which Vassilev so generously donated? “Selfless Miracle Workers Sts Cosmas and Damian”. You see the divine irony in that right?    

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