CEC announces distribution of parliamentary seats

GERB will hold 75 seats in the 45th National Assembly. There is Such a People – 51, BSP – 43, MRF – 30, the Democratic Bulgaria Alliance coalition – 27, while the Stand up! Mafiosi out! coalition – 14. The breakdown was revealed after the Central Electoral Commission officially announced the distribution of seats following the 4 April general elections.

Some 837,707 people, or 31.25% of the total, voted for GERB, There is Such a People got 565,014 votes (21.25%), BSP – 480,146 (17.92%), MRF – 336,306 (12.5%), the Democratic Bulgaria Alliance – 302,280 (11.25%), while Stand up! Mafiosi out! got 150,940 votes (5.83%).    

Turnout stood at 50.61%. 

Based on the number of people who signed by their name on the voter rolls to verify their vote, 3,334,283 people went to the polls, out of 6,789,605 eligible to do so.

The combined number of valid votes cast through paper ballots and electronic voting machines is 3,334,233, of which 789,957 were in the latter category.

There were 86,527 invalid ballots. Another 44,604 were filled incorrectly, destroyed or deemed invalid. Some 47,749 people cast a ballot without checking any box.  

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