Catalan artist to paint NATO's Brussels headquarters

Barcelona's Bea Sarrias, 40, has been chosen to paint a large mural at NATO's new headquarters in Brussels. It will portray the building itself, recently opened, the heart of the organisation's headquarters. The project will take place from 11-15 March, during which Sarrias will work between six and eight hours a day.

The work of 2.35 by 6 meters will be the Catalan artist's first for the institution, although her experience "painting architecture" is extensive, with more than a decade portraying various buildings and constructions. The opportunity arose months ago when members of the European Commission and NATO attended one of her exhibitions in the Martin's Atelier gallery in the Belgian capital. Since then, the artist has been working hard to achieve a result that highlights "the windows, transparency and light that emanates from the building, expressing a little bit of her soul, which for her means opening up this institution, which is seen as an inaccessible place".

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