Captain Boykikev, destination Budjaka! Prokopiev may let you go there

With another well-directed public appearance, Ivo Prokopiev once again proved how cynical and boundless his impudence is. After the former MEP and current leader of the Anti-Corruption Front Nikolay Barekov took a photo of Prokopiev's luxury maritime property in the beautiful Budjaka area, the oligarch threatened to sue him.

This happened in the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), which is supported by the taxpayers and where the ruler of the mainstream media machine obviously feels just as comfortable as in his private media empire, controlled by him.

We only did not get it what exactly Prokopiev will sue the former MEP for? Because of telling the truth, or because of disturbing his summer peace of mind by making available to the public his domain, which lands like a giant horsefly of bricks and concrete on the beautiful sea rocks?

How ironic that it was namely Prokopiev who inspired the "mooring" of his boy for political orders Hristo Ivanov in Rossenets park, Prokopiev himself organised the bathing-beach, and his media applauded him in hysterical ecstasy at the protests. But when his own maritime palace was made available to the public, in a pretty civilised way, the Kaolin king roared like a wounded bear.

"There have never been barriers or obstacles for the access from land to the sea and from sea to the land," the oligarch kept on excusing in BNR air.

Will you say it again? The local people from Sozopol, who know the sea with their blood and know every nook and corner of their beautiful area, say something else. It is cynical that Prokopiev pretends to be a "green businessman" and supports at least in words the environmental initiatives in his media empire, but the truth is quite different. Just have a look at his concrete architectural thug-like modernism, built on the beautiful sea rocks near the Black Sea coast, which is legally a state/public ownership. Probably, in this area, there were valuable plant species and birds were nesting until recently. Today, Ivo Prokopiev „nests“ there, and the eggs of evil, hatched by  him and his  partners, can also be seen by helicopter view - ugly but expensive brick-concrete structures. That type of structures, which drove hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians to the Greek sea. Because our sea already looks like a concrete residential section. It is no coincidence that we mentioned a helicopter - it seems that this is the only way to peek in Prokopiev's domain.

Citizens' access to the rocks was allowed, Prokopiev swears, and that is the reason he will sue Barekov. Are you serious, Mr Prokopiev? Shall we pull up the towels, sunbeds and umbrellas then, or it would be more comfortable by a dinghy? Where is Captain Boykikev to help with the sea navigation?

The allegations that the access to Budjaka is free are ridiculous! The high and inaccessible wall of the property there says something else. Ivo Prokopiev keeps also silent about the sewage pipes, which were shown on photos spread by Barekov on Tuesday. Where does this dirty water go? Into the sea, right? Prokopiev is still silent.

Ivo Prokopiev, being Bulgarian citizen is free to judge everyone. He is even better at this job because he is a citizen more than the other citizens are. The head of the court of final instance, the Supreme Court of Cassation, Lozan Panov, is his personal and ideological-political friend. Prokopiev was acquitted in the EVN affair only two or three weeks ago. The oligarch has his powerful friends in the judiciary. He even had a whole minister there – the same Hristo Ivanov, the captain of the dinghy Boykikev.

Captain Boykikev, raise the anchor and right on board - destination is Budjaka! The local people from Sozopol have not set foot there for years, maybe Prokopiev will let you go there. You may not believe about the wastewater, but you better do not bathe in the sea so that you do not encounter some oligarchic filth. If you want just to refresh, you can do it in the beautiful water pool.

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