Capital Circus in fear mode because of Peevski

Having failed as a politician, Hristo Ivanov is now trying his hand at comedy

Failed former justice minister Hristo Ivanov is apparently trying his hand at comedy now. In a recent interview with the Bulgarian National Radio he said that he had filed a letter with the National Assembly’s administration, calling the lawmakers to resign as they did not know how to do their jobs. And that comes from a jobless politician who leads an insignificant political party that has been reduced to measly professional protestors and trolls in identity crisis.

This sad clown and failed justice minister’s attempt to find another calling as a comedian with such pitiful jokes is a fitting end to his career. Let us not forget that what little success his party had at the last local elections happened in spite of him. And if he is not doing his job as a leader of a political party, the most logical thing for him is to call for his own resignation and follow through, right? He should put on a clown’s costume and do his own show instead of sweating in his suit and tie in this summer heat so he can talk on behalf of what he only imagines to be millions of voters.

It is unclear what requires more effort from the failed politician – his push to be viewed as someone whose feeble party provides a real alternative to the status quo or his attempts to escape the wrath of right-wing voters who once again fell for the trap that this individual and his circle of opportunistic nobodies could represent a legitimate option.

It is also unclear to what we owe the pleasure of observing Hristo Ivanov’s struggles as a wannabe comedian. It sure is early for a dress rehearsal for the upcoming clown show of the Capital circle. All signs point to the country not holding snap elections, while all opinion polls show that it has no chance of winning big and will once again be relegated to falling way behind the real political actors.

It is clear where Ivanov draws his confidence from. After his buddy Ivo Prokopiev’s acquittal, Ivanov and the oligarch seem to think they have several laps’ lead on the rest of the oligarchs, who are in fear mode right now. You see, they do not have to fear Delyan Peevski, the clown dressed up as a politician is comically trying to explain. The truth is Ivanov and his teammate Prokopiev have been running in place… for years. Which is why whereas other politicians have had ups and downs but ultimately moved forward, those two are still stuck on the level of secret plots and gatherings of the right-wing riffraff. Actually, Prokopiev is not a politician. Nor is he an activist for free speech, a role he likes to pose in. Furthermore, Hristo Ivanov is not Prokopiev. So why is he trying to speak for him? Does the oligarchic publisher not have enough pseud-investigative journalists, bloggers and fraudulent reporters' organisations and NGOs to clean up the guilty conscience of one of the participants in the criminally conducted privatisation process? What is Ivanov doing alongside individuals with such bad reputation? If we assume he is clean as a whistle and extremely naïve, does he not have someone around him to open his eyes? Does he not realise he is being used while placated with empty promises? Like the one about making him a real politician.

Ivanov and Prokopiev are like two peas in a pod. What does their tandem symbolise? You can all answer this question for yourself. It is clear, though, that the right-wing leadership table is about to become too small. When all the dwarfs in this story gather around the table, some will be left without a seat because that is the natural course of things. And when the newest political faces – Tsvetan Vassilev and Vasil Bozhkov – join the party, the situation will descend into full-fledged comedy. However, the participants in this particular show will not be the ones to laugh last. When the curtain falls, these amateurs are going to hear no applause. Because there will be no audience.

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