Capital circle’s milk catches, Delyan Peevski is to blame

How Pinocchio pierced the rubber boat intended for Budjaka area with his growing false nose

The leader of Democratic Bulgaria, Hristo Ivanov, also called Pinocchio because of his tendency to lies, doped with Capital circle’s pills and concocted a declaration, in which he exposed himself as a despicable coward. In it, he tried to pin non-existing ties between the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski with some circus one-man show of the former MEP Nikolay Barekov.

Yet, he did not answer any of the questions we have been asking for years. These questions will continue to bother him as well as the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, as both of them are like Siamese twins.

While Hristo Ivanov was searching for letters and phrases to concoct the declaration in question, a pot of milk was simmering on Capital's stove. Thus, Pinocchio proved to be also useless because he could stir the boiling milk with his long nose to prevent it from boiling. The foam quickly spread in all the associates’ editions of Capital circle. So, the concocted publication for a sale of a company that allegedly is belonging to MP Delyan Peevski, appeared in Mediapool of Stoyana Georgieva and on OffNews website as if given at the command. Thence everyone in the Capital circle put it at the top to strengthen the media monopoly of oligarch Prokopiev, who allegedly has nothing to do with all these media.

It seems that the staff in the office of Democratic Bulgaria, better known as Democratic Bolshevism, regularly overdoses the Capital pills for dreams of pink of the oligarch-publisher, who does not stop dreaming that he will appoint his long-nosed protege either for a prosecutor general or for a prime minister. Along with him, he will once again insert several more ministers in the cabinet, with whom he is tied by common tricky deals. The pink Capital pills variegated the declaration of the party Democratic Bolshevism with the main talking points of the mainstream media machine. Apparently, the very pills are spread in limited quantities to a small group of people, if we judge by the election results of the party Democratic Bolshevism, which are quite miserable. It can be seen that, in fact, the party Yes, Bulgaria does not exist, but there is a party called Capital. It is also clear that voters are not fools, as the dealers of the oligarchic hallucination pills imagine. Voters know very well who the people are offering them their harmful products. Because Capital pills are harmful to the health and life of the Bulgarian citizens and especially to their income. These same dealers have been plundering us for 30 years.

Unlike the mainstream media machine, we will continue putting questions on oligarch Prokopiev about the major plunders in which he is involved. About the privatisation of Kaolin and Damyanitsa, the poisonous air of the town of Merichleri ​​and more and more. The “bats” media will not help the dealers of pink Capital pills to turn the hallucinations of this criminal group’s ringleader into reality. Hristo Ivanov can lie as much as he wants. This does not change the fact that he has never asked his mentor Prokopiev what his attitude is to the bandit privatisation. Thus, with his growing nose, he personally pierced the rubber boat, which has never reached Budjaka area. Deliberately. So he can have an alibi when asked why he replaces the facts with lies and why he does not pursue the real bandits. Those bandits, who plundered our lives and our future.

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