Bulgarian smart camera takes temperature in 0.5 seconds

The new MyKi Tcam proves to be a great pandemic control solution

Photo: Allterco Robotics Allterco Robotics's smart cam

The Bulgarian company Allterco Robotics has released its latest smart product on the market – a smart camera with the capability of remotely taking body temperature with an accuracy level of within 0.3℃ of the real number. As the company notes, the MyKi Tcam is a pandemic control solution with features like body temperature screening and a smart warning system.

The MyKi Tcam is best suited for use in offices, dining and drinking establishments, hotels and other public places that currently fall under the guideline for mandatory temperature checks for visitors and employees. The device is priced at €699 before VAT. The screening procedure itself takes just 0.5 seconds and if temperature of over 37.3℃ is detected, the camera switches to a warning regime by immediately activating the built-in alarm and voice warning feature. The MyKi Tcam also supports two-way audio, which allows for a conversation to be carried out if need be.

The camera weighs 735g (approximately 26 ounces), with a standard, ¼ thread bracket at the base for mounting the device on ceilings or floors. The MyKi Tcam uses a rechargeable battery with USB port which lasts up to eight hours in active mode. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows the device to be connected to a smartphone, a TV or a computer for live feed. Live video surveillance can be done through the free application FINDCAM Max, which is available both for iOS and Android.

The intelligent interface of the app provides statistical data on body temperature checks in real time and allows for the information collected from all performed checks and the video footage to be stored and accessed at a later point in time.

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