Bulgarian judge gives shameful interview with Der Spiegel

The target is still the same - the MP from the opposition and enemy №1 of the oligarchy Delyan Peevski

Lozan Panov

Lozan Panov, the head of the Supreme Court of Cassation, performed a complex gymnastic exercise. He made a flexible side-split before the authoritative German publication Der Spiegel, where he uttered a bunch of lies without batting an eyelid. The paradox is that his interview came out with a headline citing him to say: "Don't close your eyes, Europe, and be silent."

Each line of the interview in question is an arrogant demonstration by a representative of the justice system, who confuses the notions of separation of powers and experiences himself as a politician dressed in a toga. Thus, Panov, who is a private judge of the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev joined the corpulent troll Ivo Mirchev and the strawman leader of the almost invisible for sociologists party Yes, Bulgaria - Hristo Ivanov.

In the cover version of lies about the toys retailer Hippoland, with which the servants of the oligarch Prokopiev filled the public space a week ago, Lozan Panov closed his eyes and parroted all the talking points that were dictated to him by his master. But in his interview with Spiegel he did only one thing - he pointed out once again the main enemy of the oligarchy - MP and publisher Delyan Peevski, from whom Prokopiev and other thieving privatisers and billionaires with gifted business become panic-stricken. With the detail, that Peevski is not a "co-prime minister", as the politician in toga claims, but a lawmaker from an opposition party. While the indicted oligarch and family friend of Lozan Panov - Ivo Prokopiev, many times in the years has been experiencing himself as a co-prime minister, who installs his personnel for ministers and flaunts with his media bats. The ties that Lozan Panov talks about are fiction. He refers only to the ties between him and the oligarch Prokopiev. The acquittal of the ringleader of Capital circle Ivo Prokopiev in the EVN affair and the appointment of ministers of finance and energy by him in the first cabinet of PM Boyko Borissov - Simeon Djankov and Traycho Traykov are his merit.

The interview in Der Spiegel of the politician in toga Lozan Panov, who is highly dependent in all his political appearances, was given for a person, who repeatedly performed private orders of behind-the-scenes circles in Bulgaria under the pretext that he was doing a journalistic work. This is Keno Verseck, a freelance journalist born in the former GDR. Reporters without Borders, an organisation entirely subordinated to oligarch Prokopiev, appears as defenders (advertising agents) of Verseck in 2018.

The freelancer Verseck is what the American showman Kevin Booth is for the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev - they both fulfil private orders and the objective truth for them does not matter. Just the way as the facts escape their local colleagues, who dance to the tune of a few ferocious oligarchs in their desire to preserve the status quo. Verseck is an equivalent of Nikolay Staykov too - a former cadre of Prokopiev, formally separated from his boss. What the three have in common is that as long as they present themselves as independent, the interests they serve are quite evident. Because they all close their eyes for the ugly plunders of their beloved oligarchs. Freelancers will never inform readers that there are oligarchs like Ivo Prokopiev in Bulgaria, who manage governments and their staff, and the rest of the time, they push the buttons of their propaganda machine and try to brainwash citizens with outright lies and manipulations. In fact, Prokopiev is the one, who is pulling the strings in our country, experiencing himself as its co-manager.

Another proof of this fact is that his personal Minister of Culture Boil Banov denied to Delyan Peevski to register the sports newspaper Match Telegraph. A few days earlier, the flagship of the fake news factory - Dnevnik outlet, accused the lawmaker of allegedly not complying with his law on transparency of media ownership and financing. This turned out to be a lie, because the declaration of Telegraph Media mysteriously disappeared from the register of the ministry and this probably happened with the help of Prokopiev's mole there.

Not surprisingly, every appearance of a freelancer, which is performing a certain order, turns into a relay for all behind-the-scenes media. Verseck is a favourite of media bats such as Dnevnik of the oligarch Prokopiev, Mediapool of the mother of fake news items Stoyana Georgieva and Terminal 3 of the PR of the gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov - Ivet Dobromirova. However, the interview with Lozan Panov appears not only as a continuation of the lies about Hippoland, which were also insinuated to the foreign press, in order to gain some representativeness. It is a preparation for a scenario that the oligarchs are writing now for the day X – 10 September. In this way, they warm up the audience for the events, which they plan for that date. It is no coincidence that Lozan Panov's interview, helpfully translated verbatim and reprinted by several satellite media, was also raised as an issue at a meeting of the EC on Wednesday.

The lying politician Hristo Ivanov has not told lies only once - during the ARGO gathering, which became an emblem of behind-the-scene plays of the Capital circle, when he called the politician in toga Lozan Panov’s wife the Black Swan. But despite hindering her husband's political career at the time and thwarting his candidacy for president, Elisaveta Panova played an offended stance and attacked not Hristo Ivanov, who exposed her for her criminal past, but the newspapers that exposed the infamous pages of her biography. Thus, Lozan Panov's wife condemned the Telegraph and Monitor newspapers. Her criminal past was literally washed away by the oligarchy’s court headed by her husband Panov. Meanwhile, for five years Elisaveta and Lozan Panovi, have been repeatedly demonstrating their deny to show publicity, as required by law. This resulted in the situation that due to Panov's deliberate denial to declare his income and property, he became the first Chairperson of the Supreme Court of Cassation, who lost a lawsuit against the National Audit Office in two courts for an imposed fine of BGN 1,000. Then, instead of being lowered, his wife attacked the judges, called the judicial acts a "perversion of law" and threatened to sue the state in the Strasbourg Court. The latter is particularly curious in the context of the revelations of heavy dependencies at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), made by French analysts, which accused the Bulgarian judge Yonko Grozev of a conflict of interest. Grozev and the recently elected chairman of the ECHR, Robert Spano, were guests of Lozan Panov in Sofia last fall. It is interesting then how will the judges in Strasbourg judge the case of Elisaveta and Lozan Panovi against Bulgaria? They will certainly act as the judge-rapporteur in the case of the Black Swan against Telegraph and Monitor outlets Krassimir Mazgalov, who adjudged in favour of Elisaveta Panova. We will remind that the case was filed in 2018 and heard on 12 April, 2019. By a strange "coincidence", the judge Krassimir Mazgalov, who is extremely close to Lozan Panov and part of the leadership of the grant-funded Bulgarian Judges Association, found himself in the judge’s panel. The scandal is that the original judges in this case were completely replaced by three new ones, Mazgalov being among them. Subsequently, he was also appointed rapporteur, i.e. the person who must, in fact, write the judgment. In the final, the Supreme Court of Cassation of Lozan Panov did not allow the cassation at third instance, in order to demonstrate that the right is on the side of the private judge of the oligarch Prokopiev, and the justice system is trampled on by this circle.

In a normal state, judges stay aside from politics. In the "state, captured by the oligarchs" Lozan Panov is what he is - an unscrupulous politician in toga and a shame for our country.

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