Bulgarian El Chapo to enter politics

The blood-thirsty oligarch Vasil Bozhkov, aka the Bulgarian El Chapo, is preparing to enter into politics. He will be the first to sign up for his own online political platform, as the oligarch hiding in Dubai from his 19 felony charges revealed himself.

Bozhkov announced his plunge into politics on Facebook. The fugitive has clearly and unequivocally joined the election race, calling once again for the government to be toppled. His intensions are no secret as it was exposed some time ago that he had a plan to tell the “figurehead” President Rumen Radev who to put on the provisional government, with the end goal being to manipulate the elections. The motivation is clear: El Chapo wants to get into parliament and thus get immunity against his 19 felony charges. What is also obvious is that Bozhkov has no intention of talking about or actually paying the BGN 700m he owes in taxes.

Instead, in his latest video he explains that he has nothing to gain from getting into politics, but he has a lot to give. He also promoted his online platform through which anyone could propose ideas and sign up to be a minister.

Internet users immediately mocked him by making lists of ministries they want to be in charge of and their respective level and type of education.

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