Bulgarian El Chapo praises Lozan Panov’s court, waiting for mercy for his crimes

The gambling tsar and the kaolin king have the same talking points, they call the court decision "courageous"

Vasil Bozhkov

A day after a panel of judges of the Specialised Criminal Court fully acquitted the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and his five accomplices in the EVN Bulgaria Electricity case, in which, according to the Prosecutor’s Office and the expertise presented in the courtroom, the treasury was damaged by over BGN 20m, this scandalous decision was expectedly applauded by the oligarchy.

The defendant oligarchs were overjoyed at the acquittals, which proved that their proxy at the head of judiciary - the head of the Supreme Court of Cassation and Judge №1 Lozan Panov managed to push the tentacles of the oligarchy everywhere, so that behind-the-scenes players can keep calm that no retribution for their tricky deals and crimes will catch them. Thus, while our society was awaiting for justice for 18 charges against the gambling boss Vassil Bozhkov, also known as Bulgarian El Chapo, early in the morning of 29 June, he bombarded Facebook with a glorification post, calling the acquittals of Ivo Prokopiev, the former Ministers Simeon Djankov and Traycho Traykov and three more persons from Prokopiev’s company Bulbrokers, a "rule of law" and a "courage". At the same time, the oligarch Prokopiev himself gave an interview for the proven (anti) Bulgarian section of Deutsche Welle, which has long been part of his mainstream media machine. Similar to Bozhkov, Prokopiev also describes the decision of the Specialised Criminal Court as being "courageous" one.

The joy of the two bosses showed into the open weather and how much objectivity can be observed in this case. The decision itself will be challenged by the Prosecutor's Office before the court of next higher instance – the Appellate Specialised Criminal Court. But there is a court of third instance that the case has the potential to go to, which means that it, along with all the other ongoing cases against the oligarchs, is bound to end up at the Supreme Court of Cassation, a legal institution headed by the behind-the-scenes clique’s puppet judge Lozan Panov. This fact obviously complements their joy.

Thus, in his next post via social networks, the fugitive from Bulgarian judicial system Vassil Bozhkov wrote: “Many people denied the truth, but yesterday some of them accepted again the rule of law. Congratulations for the courage of the Specialized Criminal Court in its yesterday’s decision. One can see the light in the gloomiest times even.” He then turned on the trolls’ network, provided to him by the protesters' PR agent Ivet Dobromirova, in order to praise the black swan of the justice Lozan Panov and to attack the Prosecutor’s Office.

This way, El Chapo gave a clear sign that he relies on Lozan Panov - when the hour of justice strikes he can also receive an acquittal for his crimes, as well as he can avoid paying back the millions of leva he owes to the treasury.

"This is an introduction to the election campaign or a revenge with Arabic flavor. One of the hypotheses is that the attacks come from Vassil Bozhkov," the analyst Tihomir Bezlov stated on bTV. The main problem is the damage caused to the electorate, Bezlov said.

Tsvetomir Naidenov: The Skull made huge efforts to strangle the lottery

The oligarch Vassil Bozhkov, who has 18 charges and who plundered BGN 700m from the treasury, and who has hidden in Dubai afterwards, tried to bite off the lottery too. "The Skull made huge efforts to strangle the lottery, and after that to privatise it," Tsvetomir Naidenov, the main witness against the defendant Vassil Bozhkov said in a Facebook post.

"Instant lotteries are a state monopoly, state concessions or a similar across Europe. Nowhere in the world such a possibility exists for a private operator to organise a lottery in competition with a state-organized lottery. In light of this, as well as the disputes who gave the opportunity to Vassil Bozhkov for many years to carry things with a high hand, let's check WHEN and HOW these texts appeared in the Gambling Act, that a private individual can organise lotteries in Bulgaria.

It is clear that the Skull lobbied for these changes ... the question is to see who gave him his head. He did not have time enough to bankrupt the pools (and the Scull made huge efforts to strangle it) and after that to privatise it. Valeri Simeonov's law on lotteries has restored the normal situation in Bulgaria", Naydenov writes and puts the hashtag #be deceived.


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