Bulgarian El Chapo defends Bobokov and oligarchy parallel state

Vasil Bozhkov

Vassil Bozhkov, known as Bulgarian El Chapo, with 18 charges filed against him, who is currently hiding in Dubai after defrauding the state coffers out of BGN 700m, rushed to defend his foster brother Plamen Bobokov.

El Chapo could hardly wait to hear the interview on Bozhkov (bTV) TV of the defended Bobokov, and then the literally shattering comment of the Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev about the parallel state of the indicted oligarchs like him and the politicians as well, and immediately joined via Facebook his constant campaign to mislead the society by all means possible.

The gambling tsar complained that Bulgarian laws are not observed by the institutions, but he deducted again himself from the number of citizens who must observe these laws, in a learned style. Apparently, trying to violate the provisions of the law, El Chapo spread again his old thesis about taxes and Vladislav Goranov and he attacked the state and the Prosecutor's Office, which hold him accountable for his crimes. Moreover, he attached in a helpfulness manner links to Bobokov's interview with Bozhkov (bTV) TV, which became a tribune of the oligarchy and the mainstream media machine. His post ended with a complaint, that he had also filed a claim, but he had not yet been summoned for questioning. 

Bozhkov also gives another proof that he is in symbiosis with the other oligarchs Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev, and helpfully again advertises the commissioned video "The Eight Dwarfs" of the Anti-Corruption Fund.

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