Bulgarian El Chapo confesses about withdrawn millions

Vasil Bozhkov, aka the Bulgarian El Chapo, who faces 18 charges and is currently hiding in Dubai, has finally confessed about the millions in cash he withdrew. In a Facebook post, the gambling tzar who defrauded the state coffers out of BGN 700m and promptly fled the country, writes:

“For the first time the Prosecutor’s Office has conducted an unbiased investigation. The cash withdrawn from the bank really did go to me ‘personally and no one else’.” Once again Bozhkov declined to reveal where the money is or provide evidence supporting his allegations against the state and the Prosecutor’s Office. However, he did not pass on the opportunity to swipe at Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov yet again.

Bozhkov’s reaction came on the heels of the Prosecutor’s Office finding in his basement the latest batch of illegal artefacts – items dug up by treasure-hunters and given to him without any documentation of the transaction.

The sole purpose of all those provocations by the oligarch is for him to avoid being held responsible before the law. He has already announced the launch of his own political project, the party Bulgarian Summer, which will bring together the rest of the oligarchs – Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev, Ivo Prokopiev and Sasho Donchev. They are all making efforts to destabilise the government, hoping to avoid going to jail, where they belong after stealing billions from the Bulgarian people.

Prior to Bozhkov’s snippy post, it was revealed that the millions he withdrew, the bank statements for which he personally posted on Facebook in order to attack the state, went directly to his office. The revelation was made by the prosecutors, who cited an inspection carried out by the State Agency for National Security. The bank statements were published by Bozhkov in a bid to promote the thesis that the money was used to pay the cabinet what it demanded to turn a blind eye – specifically, PM Boyko Borissov and Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov. However, Tsvetomir Naydenov, a former partner of Bozhkov and now a lead witness against him, disproved that story. He noted that the dates on which the sums were withdrawn suspiciously coincide with the period of the local elections held last year. It was then that, according to the revelations made by Valeri Simeonov, head of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, Bozhkov funded the campaign of Maya Manolova, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Sofia. The oligarch also spent copious amounts of money on a luxury lifestyle that included Playboy girls, yachts and private jets and on “media support”. To that end, Bozhkov used to take international fraudster Barak Alon to the expensive French resort Courchevel, who in turn got the oligarch in touch with the CEO of bTV Florian Skala.

The Prosecutor’s Office announced that PM Boyko Borissov; Menda Stoyanova, head of the Committee on Budget and Finance; and Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov were all questioned as part of the investigation into Vasil Bozhkov. “As part of the opened pretrial proceedings (against Vasil Bozhkov), Menda Stoyanova – a lawmaker and head of the Committee on Budget and Finance – the finance minister (twice) and Boyko Borissov – prime minister – were questioned as witnesses,” the Prosecutor’s Office stated. The questionings were connected to the screenshots of text messages, comic strips and other malicious reports against those three officials published by the Bulgarian El Chapo. However, weeks ago the authenticity of these “evidence materials” provided by Bozhkov was publicly rejected by the entire government. Several hours after it emerged that Borissov, Goranov and Stoyanova had been questioned, Bozhkov created his latest smokescreen by announcing on Facebook that he paid all his “personal expenses” through bank orders, which was yet another shot at the premier and the finance minister. According to comments by internet users, however, the gambling tzar’s claim does not hold water because he could not have paid for elite escorts and media influence that way.

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