Bulgaria very close to defence spending target of 2% of GDP

Bulgaria's defence expenditure as a share of GDP has reached 1.93 percent in 2020, according to data released by NATO on Wednesday. In 2019, Bulgaria defence spending stood at 3.18 percent of GDP.

The NATO countries set a defence expenditure target of at least 2 percent of GDP by 2024 at the 2014 Summit in Wales. Six years ago Bulgaria allocated 1.31 percent of GDP for defence.
This country's defence expenditure per capita stands at $150 in 2020 and at $263 in 2019. By category, personnel accounted for 56 percent of defence expenditure, followed by major equipment (including related R&D) - 19.3 percent, operations and maintenance - 17.9 percent, and infrastructure - 6.9 percent.
Ten NATO countries have met or topped the 2 percent target. This year, NATO has seen a 4.3 percent increase in defence expenditure compared to 2019 (based on 2015 prices and exchange rates).

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