Bulgaria requests EC to recognise yogurt, white brined cheese as protected products

Bulgaria has filed a request for Bulgarian yogurt and Bulgarian white brined cheese to be granted Protected Designation of Origin and listed in the European Register for Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications for agricultural products and food.

The European Commission (EC) will now launch a procedure to examine the filed paperwork, which should last no more than six months. In the event that the process stretches longer than that, the EC is obligated to explain the reasons for the delay in writing. The procedure involves the EC performing a review and preparing comments and notes to be acted upon by Bulgaria. EU Member States as well as third countries have the right to object as part of the procedure. In the absence of an objection, the products will be listed in the European Register under the proposed designations.  

If the Bulgarian request is granted, the procedure will allow producers to make more revenue in line with the qualities of these products. It will also allow the product names to be treated as intellectual property within the EU and therefore be protected against unauthorised use or imitation. The right to use unified European labels of quality on Bulgarian products is designed to protect the interests of producers against unfair competition and abuses.    

Products with geographical indications are eligible to be included in agreements between the EU and third countries on mutual recognition, cooperation and protection in the field of geographical indications. Hence, if approved, the move will improve Bulgarian products' competitiveness and access to new markets.

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