Bulgaria, Greece tighten control on border with Turkey

Bulgaria is tightening security along its border with Turkey after groups of migrants headed toward the frontier, PM Boyko Borissov said on Friday. The measure followed the news that for a period on 72 hours Ankara would not stop migrants heading to Europe. Greece has also tightened sea and land borders with Turkey after developments overnight in the Syrian region of Idlib, government sources.

"We have data about a lot of crowding... We are tightening maximum control at the border,” Borissov said during a government’s meeting, adding that he was arranging a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

A senior Turkish official said Turkey would no longer stop Syrian refugees from reaching Europe, as Ankara responded on Friday to the killing of 33 Turkish soldiers in an air strike by Syrian government forces in Idlib. The Greek sources, who declined to be identified, said Athens was also in contact with the European Union and NATO on the matter.

But the signals are conflicting as on Friday Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said that Ankara has not changed its migrant policy. “There is no change in our country's policy towards refugees and asylum-seekers, which is hosting the most refugees in the world,” he pointed out.

The Turkish pro-government Demiroren news agency reported that some 300 migrants, including women and children, were walking northwest toward Turkey’s border with Greece

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