Brussels closes museums, introduces 8-hour curfew

All shops will close at 8 pm, except Horeca that will only provide a takeaway service until 10 pm

Photo: Europost

As the daily average confirmed positive cases for Covid-19 in the Brussels Region increased over the last 7 days to 10,675, the Crisis Unit took an additional measures for curbing the spread of the virus, that are stricter than the restrictions announced a day before, concerning the territory of the whole kingdom. 

Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region underscored the new constraints to enter into force on Monday, 26 October, is an attempt to avoid the total lockdown.

Although the limit at the federal level is from midnight to 5 am, the curfew in Brussels will be in effect from 10 pm to 6 am.

Among the new restrictions is the total closure of cultural venues, such as museums, theatres, cinemas, galleries and exhibition halls and will be in force at least until 19 November.

The authorities are returning the obligation for wearing everywhere a mask that covers the nose and mouth – not just in shops, crowded spaces and public transport, but also in all outdoor places and streets in Brussels Region.

All shops will close at 8 pm, except Horeca that will only be able to provide a takeaway service until 10 pm. Only one person from household plus one minor can do the shopping.  

Training and internships are authorised only for children under 12. School excursions will be prohibited for all.

Recreational venues including amusement parks, betting agencies and casinos will be closed.

 Religious services and ceremonies will be prohibited with the exception of funeral ceremonies, but only in the presence of a maximum of 15 people, keeping a distance of 1.5m. Religious marriages would be possible, but only in the presence of the spouses, their witnesses and a representative of the religion.

Civil marriages are permitted, but only in the presence of the spouses, their witnesses and the civil servant of the Registry Office.

The measures undertaken for Brussels differs a bit from the scheme at the federal level that was announced by the Consultative Committee on 23 October and immediately entered into effect.

According to them all professional indoor and outdoor sports events at federal level must take place without an audience present. All amateur matches are suspended. Youth matches for young people up to the age of 18 are still allowed, but are only open to a single member of the family. Offering and consuming drinks and food is still forbidden.

In higher education, the occupancy level is reduced to a maximum of 20% and wearing a face mask is mandatory, except for practical work when this is not possible. The rule does not apply to first-year students.

Indoor events and activities of maximum 40 people are allowed, if sufficient guarantees are provided that the organisation is coronaproof. If the 1.5m distance and face mask rules are followed, maximum 200 people could take part. Offering drinks and food is forbidden.

Indoor areas of zoos will be closed, while offering and consuming drinks and food for the outdoor spaces is forbidden.

Still in force are the previous rules of 19 October for closing bars and restaurants except takeaway services.

Working from home is still the standard. Consultations are held with employers' federations to set up an awareness-raising monitoring system, to ensure the rule of working from home is applied wherever this is needed.


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