Britain seeks to go out of lockdown

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Britain is ready to start going out of lockdown but only after the vaccination of the vulnerable people, PM Boris Johnson said cited by news agencies. “We’ve got to be very prudent and what we want to see is progress that is cautious, but irreversible. If we possibly can, we’ll be setting out dates,” he pointed out.

With nearly a quarter of the UK’s population already vaccinated with a first dose of a Covid vaccine, Johnson is under pressure from lawmakers and businesses to start reopening the economy. “If because of the rate of infection, we have to push off something a little bit to the right - delay it for a little bit - we won’t hesitate to do that,” the PM said. Johnson is due to set the path out of lockdown on 22 February,

The UK has the world’s fifth-worst official death toll, currently 117,166, after the US, Brazil, Mexico and India. Britain has vaccinated 15.062 million people with a first dose and 537,715 with a second dose, the fastest rollout per capita of any large country. Hancock said he expected vaccine supplies to increase as manufacturing accelerated.

An influential group of lawmakers in Johnson’s Conservative Party is urging an end to the lockdown as soon as the most vulnerable nine groups are vaccinated. They want no more rules beyond 1 May.

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