Britain has vaccinated 12 million people against Covid-19

Photo: AP

More than 12 million people in Britain have been vaccinated against Covid-19 by Sunday, the government figures show. PM Boris Johnson’s government is aiming to offer a vaccine to all 15 million of the country's most vulnerable people by mid-February, news wires reported.

After reached this target, the government aims to offer everyone above the age of 50 a jab by May. Thanks to early, rapid procurement, Britain is suffering less from vaccine manufacturing bottlenecks than some countries in the EU. The WHO has already called on Britain to share surplus doses of the vaccine after vulnerable groups have been vaccinated. If all of the vaccines Britain has ordered are approved and supplied, the country would have three times more vaccines than are needed.

However, the head of the British Vaccination Taskforce, Kate Bingham, said Brexit was not responsible for the success of the country's vaccine roll-out, in an interview with Welt am Sonntag newspaper. Instead, she attributed this to experience in the industry, good contacts and willingness to sign contracts early on.

Meanwhile, cases of new variants of the virus have dropped in recent weeks, thanks to the lockdown in place in Britain.

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