BRC raised over BGN 560 000 for aid, Peevski provided 2,000 testing kits for Bansko

Mayor of Belitsa: protective garments donated by Peevski are the safest

Delyan Peevski

The donation campaigns for battling coronavirus are underway across Bulgaria. To this day, BGN 562,582 were transferred to the account of the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC).

Sources of the BRC reported that apart from the financial means the loyal and sympathetic partners have collected big amounts of material donations worth BGN 244,371 to support the medical crews working in Sofia and across the country and to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of volunteers, policemen and other people taking active part in grappling with the pandemic.

Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon mayor of Bansko ski resort Ivan Kadev received three boxes with 2000 rapid-test kits. Mayor of Belitsa municipality Radoslav Revanski handed them in person. Revanski is the coordinator of all donations that lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski provides for the Blagoevgrad region which is his constituency. The Mayor of Bansko Kadev personally thanked the lawmaker for his help. “May this man be safe and sound, we thank him for thinking of our city,” the citizens commented before Nova TV. 

“Already during the quarantine in Bansko Mr Peevski offered a donation of rapid-test kits. Now he did it after it became clear that the state will provide 1,000 tests for the citizens of Bansko. Our donation is coordinated with the National Crisis Response Centre. Given the 2,000 tests donated by Peevski we will be able to fulfill our wish and test for Covid-19 one-third of the 9,800 population of Bansko.      Another BGN 10,000 were transferred to the bank account of the donation campaign launched by TrafficNews raising funds for the medical personnel of the Infectious Diseases clinic working on the frontline of the battle with coronavirus. The donation came from the Traffic Security Company. Thus the sum raised so far amounts to BGN 20,220. Another big donation came from Primex Company.

Mayor of Belitsa Radoslav Revanski:

Protective garments donated by MP Peevski are the safest

Mr Revanski, today you handed over to the citizens of Bansko 2,000 rapid-test kits donated by MP Delyan Peevski. Will these tests enable you to meet the needs of the town and will they help to clarify the situation there?  

Already the day when medical authorities said that the quarantine in Bansko will be lifted Delyan Peevski was ready to donate tests for our citizens. On Saturday, on behalf of Peevski 2,000 tests were sent to the mayor of Bansko municipality. The mayor made a list of people who will be tested for coronavirus. We were following this saga with tests for several days. The state also had to provide 1,000 tests. However, now that Mr Peevski intervened we have 2,000 tests available. On Sunday at 10.30 am the team of the Regional Health Inspectorate will start mass testing of Bansko citizens.    

All in all, how many donations MP Delyan Peevski has made so far including the new one? On what principle are the donations made and how do you chose the places they are meant for? Are these the first charity initiatives of the lawmaker in the region, and not only in this region? 

Mr Peevski is the biggest donor in Bulgaria, and not only in times of crisis. He is the most generous philanthropist in this country. He donated over BGN 100,000 to Blagoevgrad region for fighting Covid-19 pandemic, specifically for Gotse Delchev, Razlog and Blagoevgrad. Before that he gifted BGN 5,000 to hospitals in Razlog and Gotse Delchev and BGN 8,500 to the Regional Hospital of Blagoevgrad. He also gave BGN 2,000 to the Specialised Dental Clinic, again in Blagoevgrad. Besides, he donated protective helmets and garments. It is noteworthy that Delyan Peevski provided the best protective garments. Chiefs of the hospitals told me that they want to have them because these garments are the safest.   

The coronavirus crisis gave rise to something we witness for the first time – a surge in donations across Bulgaria. What would you as a mayor say about this rising wave of charity actions? What does it signify?

I am lucky to know Mr Peevski in person. To make donations is his longtime practice. The thing is that now, in this critical situation, it has come to light. Fortunately we, the Bulgarians are grateful people. The entire Bulgaria, all municipalities and mayors are thankful to Delyan Peevski. I am a member of the National Association of the Municipalities and I voiced my opinion on Tuesday when we had a videoconference. They all said that relief is delayed everywhere, only Mr Peevski is the most adequate man who makes generous donations. Not only does he make them but he makes them on time. The breathing ventilators donated by Peevski have already been installed in hospitals. The other mayors asked me if he can help them too. To him money is not important he really wants to help preventively. Delyan Peevski sticks to the biblical principle – do not let your left hand know what the right hand is doing. He gave a lot to sick children keeping a low profile. He also made donations for elderly people. There are twins in our town who are alive thanks to Mr Peevski. No one knows it but I share it with you. He made donations to churches and mosques and he didn’t do it during election campaigns but when it was needed. This man is a savior for our region and for the entire state!

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