Bozhkov with another play, yelling against accusations

The gambling tsar Vassil Bozhkov, who fled to Dubai hiding from the Bulgarian justice system, is trying to push through his next play by posting a new chat on Facebook alleging that this chat was carried on with PM Boyko Borissov by phone.

The Bulgarian El Chapo, who damaged the state treasury to the tune of BGN 700m, also made a clumsy attempt to cover up the blunder from the last time. Then Boyko Borissov clarified that the correspondence between them was absolutely false, as the messages were in Cyrillic, what characters do not exist on his phone. In this case now, Bozhkov has changed the Cyrillic alphabet to Latin, which, however, does not make the messages authentic. The chat itself concerns congratulations from the side of Bozhkov on the occasion of Borisov's birthday on this date 2 years ago.

At the same time, the oligarch makes a desperate attempt in his publication to suggest that he is so pure in heart, yelling again in a loud voice about the 18th accusations of the Prosecution Office against him and complaining that they were based on the testimony of only one person, while at the same time, dozens of other witnesses were not taken into account. Something more, BB, Menda and VG were not summoned for interrogation.

Bozhkov's impudence does not come to an end now, as he cries inconsolably for his allegedly "plundered property" and that he was incorrectly accused of failing to pay taxes in particularly large amounts to the detriment of the state budget. The responsibility should actually be sought not by himself, but by the companies concerned according to him.

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