Bozhkov repeats old writings by pictures

The gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov, who is hiding abroad from Bulgarian judiciary, ran dry again and as no news was there, he started repeating old news, claiming that he was racketed by the state.

Once again, Bozhkov decided to push the suggestion that he had been making his money from an honest work for 30 years, but since 2014 he had to buy "peace of mind" to save his business, although these allegations were letting out the air like a burst balloon. And that he was given a bad name because he had refused to do so already.

The oligarch's impudence went even further. Despite the calls from his own supporters to return to Bulgaria and to go to court, El Chapo again complained that his business had been taken, but again only in words on Facebook and without any evidence.

After it became clear that he would establish a party of mafia with the absurd name Bulgarian Summer, the man who acquired vast wealth and managed to damage the treasury with BGN 700 million, decided that he could experience himself as a unifier of the nation. Instead of giving the expected explanations by the public on these19 felony charges of the Prosecutor’s Office against him, Bulgarian El Chapo posted on Facebook pictures with so-called "signal".

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