Bozhkov pockets BGN 2bn from gambling business alone, refuses to pay “millionaires” their prizes

Tihomir Bezlov

Vasil Bozhkov has always given off the vibe of a poker player who hides his hand well and is adept at bluffing. What we know for certain is that he held the title of the biggest advertiser for years. His latest gambling empire was the result of a very serious TV campaign. This analysis was offered by Tihomir Bezlov from the Center for the Study of Democracy in a bTV interview.

“So far, he has not provided any documents as evidence – he has provided us with comic strips and conversations via text messaging and, of course, he has given interviews. We have snippets. The problem is that what he says incriminates him. No matter happens with the other party, the political side, what he has said alone, if true, should be enough to send him to jail too,” Bezlov said.

He noted that the script surrounding the businessman reveals a different type of game compared to Tsvetan Vassilev. Bezlov believes that the Ministry of Finance was not aware of everything, but that certain people knew a lot and were “incentivised”.

According to him, many things started to come out when the war between Bozhkov and the Naydenov brothers over the gambling business began. Bezlov believes that it is not over yet, as all the testimonials and the information provided by the Naydenov brothers have turned them into Bozhkov’s “mortal enemies”.  

“And let us not forget the gambling halls and casinos. If we take Bozhkov’s revenue from gambling alone – it amounts to about BGN 2bn. We can only roughly estimate his profits because as it turns out, he never paid people whatever they won. None of those millionaires who were paraded in front of us got their money,” Bezlov said.

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