Bozhkov admits: I support President Radev; Yes, Bulgaria and Poisonous Trio against the state

Vasil Bozhkov

Bloodthirsty oligarch Vasil Bozhkov finally admitted to supporting President Rumen Radev; Yes, Bulgaria, the so-called Poisonous Trio and Maya Manolova, who are all trying to topple the government by inciting riots.

The gambling tzar also known as the Bulgarian El Chapo, who is hiding in Dubai from his 18 felony charges, released a new video made in his typical mobster style. With a golden skull figurine in the background and a cigar in one hand, he makes the most anticipated admission on record – that he has been stirring unrest in the country and pulling the strings of the president, whom he called a figurehead in a bugged phone conversation. Let us just remind that Radev has been constantly parroting the talking points of the Capital circle and the indicted Ivo Prokopiev for people to rise against the government and demanding that the cabinet and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev resign. Without any qualms El Chapo says, “Right now I support everyone who is against the junta – President Radev; Yes, Bulgaria; BSP; Maya Manolova; the Poisonous Trio.” The mobster boss also dog-whistles to all the people who are gathering in the streets in an attempt to oust the government with the words: “we all want this to end and I’m with everyone who is working to make that happen.”

Thus, Bozhkov effectively validated the conclusions from the audio recordings that the Prosecutor’s Office released some time ago, which indicated that he is the one financing and conducting the entire campaign to bring down the cabinet, that he is paying for every event of the abovementioned figures like Maya Manolova and the Poisonous Trio (Hadzhigenov, Minekov and Babikyan) and company.

Let us remind that late last night one of the so-called trio, attorney Hadzhigenov, was dispatched to the Captain Andreevo border-crossing checkpoint, where he managed to block the highway for several hours along with some other people before everyone was forcefully removed to let vehicles pass. At that stunt, the protester said that there will be more provocations and blockades, without specifying targets, perhaps because he is still awaiting further instructions from Dubai.  

As his mobster tradition would have it, El Chapo did not address the BGN 700m he defrauded the state coffers out of, did not say anything about why he ordered murders, targeting, in some cases successfully, people like Delyan Peevski, Aleksey Petrov, and a lady living in Switzerland. He did not mention a word about why he want the prosecutor general gone, the person heading the institution that has pressed 18 felony charges against him. These are all questions that the bloodthirsty El Chapo is desperately running away from.

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