Bozhkov admits his alliance with Tsvetan Vassilev, remains silent again about murders and plundered millions

El Chapo literally repeats the lies of the Fake news website told by a person with Russian origin

The bloodthirsty gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov with 19 felony charges, who is hiding in Dubai, came to light after a week of silence, with a resounding admission that he had seriously allied with the other oligarch and fugitive from justice Tsvetan Vassilev, who plundered BGN 5.6 billion from CorpBank and fled to Serbia.

The goal of this mafia alliance is to revolt together against the state, to pump up the protests for riots and government resignations and, last but not least - to strike their common enemy Delyan Peevski, who reveals all their oligarchic schemes through his newspapers Telegraph and Monitor.

Unsurprisingly, Bulgarian El Chapo attacks PM Boyko Borisov, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev and the lawmaker Delyan Peevski in a new post on Facebook, where he literally repeats the lies published on the fake news website (see here). It has already been revealed about this website that it was created a few months ago and its goal is to run orders against anyone who dares to reveal the tricky deals of the oligarchs. In the website in question, behind which stands a person with Russian origin Nikolay Feodorov Nizol, a text was published which is absolutely false, what is quite clear even for young children.

Vasil Bozhkov repeats shamelessly all the talking points of this fantasy in question, but also says that he does not want a new Constitution. He orders again the rebels to take extreme action and to "put an end to this." In his typical mafia style, El Chapo keeps silent again about his 19 felony charges, about his plundered BGN 700 million from the treasury without intention to repay them. He does not say a single word about attempts for contracted murders, including, as it became clear in the court, of Delyan Peevski and Alexey Petrov, as well as a lady living in Switzerland. Bozhkov does not mention anywhere how he “started” at the times of the thugs, who were carrying bats, and 30 years later he becomes an oligarch-billionaire, losing himself in super luxury, sailing with yachts for millions of euro, flying in his own private planes. All these are serious questions from which Bozhkov flees in panic.

Shortly after the next smokescreen on El Chapo's Facebook page, angry comments from people who want him to give evidence, and not just to pour naked words against this or that, appeared under his post. Tsvetan Iliev, for example, fixes him with the comment: "You also were at this feeding rack. It will not occur without evidence, but I guess they will accuse you as well. There is no way to come off clear from this situation, so the decision is yours. BeBrave."

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