Borrell: Everybody agrees not to increase tensions with Russia

Photo: EU Josep Borrell.

As the EU leaders did in the last weekend in Lisbon, we reassured Czechia with the strong support by the EU in light of the recent events related to Russia, but at the same time everybody agrees on the need not to increase the tensions, said Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy at a news conference on Monday after “a  long and intense” Foreign Affairs Council, held in person in Brussels.

He thus answered a question whether the foreign ministers had agreed to grant the Czechia's request for expulsion of more diplomats.

Talking about this item, Borrell said that the ministers expressed solidarity with Bulgaria, too.

“I have to repeat again that the pattern of negative actions by the Russian Government continues and it feeds the dynamic of escalation. Today’s exchange will feed into the European Council discussion on European Union-Russia relations on the next 25th May,” the EU HR stressed.

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